The one silver lining about summer coming to an end? It's time to bring out our fall wardrobe! For many of us, this likely means at least one shopping trip to refresh our closet—so let's make our purchases count by keeping them sustainable and ethical!

Here I've put together a wishlist of my top 10 sustainable and ethical fashion pieces for the fall. Whoever said you have to sacrifice style for sustainability, certainly didn't know where to shop! Read on for my picks!

1. Claire Lace Wrap-Around Bralette (in Rose Petal) by Uye Surana — $92

This stunning bralette is not only hand dyed, but is also hand sewn and made in the heart of NYC! I love these rich burgundy and gold colors for fall. This bralette is perfect to have peeking out underneath some layers for a hint of romantic edge.

2. Nola Choker (in Gold Dust) by Millianna Jewelry — $545

All of Millianna Jewelry's pieces are handmade by artisans in the US and made to order. This beaded choker is such an eye-catching and gorgeous statement piece that will look amazing for evening looks! You can really see the craftsmanship in the beading, making this necklace a true work of art.

3. Long Sleeve Raglan Top (in Aubergine) by Laura Siegel — $229

I love pieces that are minimal with an edge, and this top does that so well. Designer Laura Siegel's pieces are made in collaboration with artisans in safe working conditions and whom are paid fair wages. Laura is also the founder of Project Eleven27, which honors and benefits victims of the Rana Plaza garment factory collapse.

4. Duara Cuff by Soko Jewelry —$64

This geometric circle cuff is sure to hold timeless appeal in its simplicity, while still remaining unique! Soko is an ethical jewelry brand that aims to connect consumers directly to talented artisans around the world. This brass cuff has been beautifully handcrafted.

5. Michelle Backless Maxi Dress by Frock LA — $98

Looking for an ethical and sustainable alternative for evening wear? Look no further than Frock LA. They make all their pieces sweatshop-free in California and on top of that, their fabrics are also vegetable dyed! 

6. Sweet Jane Pant by Synergy Organic Clothing — On sale for $49

In my opinion, you can never have too many black pants! These pants are made from GOTS certified organic cotton and dyed with low impact dyes. And as per Synergy's company principles, they are of course ethically made :)

7. Oasis Strappy Sandal by Bhava — $249

I am definitely obsessed with Bhava's shoes and the Oasis Sandal in black is a pair that I can already picture with so many outfits! All Bhava's shoes are vegan (this one is made with handpainted cork) and are ethically handmade by artisans in Spain.

8. French Terry Mulberry Jacket by Synergy Organic Clothing — On sale for $102

My love of buying black pants also goes hand-in-hand with fitted black jackets. What I especially love about this one is it has the look of a moto jacket with the comfort of a hoodie. I definitely see myself running to my morning classes in this (but in style!) This one by Synergy is ethically made from organic cotton french terry.

9. Sinclair Lace-Up Boot by Nicora — On sale for $229

Not only are these boots handmade by artisans in the USA, they are also vegan and made with recycled materials! Nicora's boots are all re-soleable and repairable, and made with the intention to stand the test of time and take you through all seasons.

10. Black Moon Clutch by Sseko Designs — $30

This lovely handmade clutch is from ethical fashion brand, Sseko Designs! What's especially awesome about Sseko? Every purchase helps send girls in Uganda to college! A wonderful example of fashion that gives back. 

For more sustainable fashion inspo throughout the year, feel free to stop by my personal style blog, Sustainable Siren! Now go forth in autumn in amazing outfits that aren't just on point with aesthetics, but also with ethics.

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