4 Reasons Your Skin Needs the Power of Pineapple Enzymes


Summer's longer days filled with the warm sun and lots of play and fun still require us to take care of ourselves and our skin. Thankfully pineapple, the quintessential summertime fruit, is going to be your skin’s best friend this season and can be any time for that matter! Look for pineapple ingredients in your skin care products and your skin is well on the right track! If not, Eco Diva can help you find an array of skincare products that contain the pineapple components that are so helpful to skin’s health and beauty. Read on for the the four top reasons why pineapple skincare products are going to transform your skin from the inside out.

To start out, it is helpful to understand the component of pineapple’s super-hero enzyme: bromelain. It is known to have medicinal and exceptional healing qualities. It will treat skin inflammation with precision. The enzyme bromelain, is a protein “digester”—which means it breaks down unnecessary proteins from the skin and body. 


BRIGHTENS—Pineapple is naturally filled to the brim with the antioxidant, vitamin C which is a natural ingredient that fights hyper pigmentation to repair the skin overall to a smooth and brighter looking complexion. With continuous use it will brighten and lighten those problem areas with ease.

SOFTENS—As mentioned, the bromelain enzyme that is found in pineapples is a protein digester. It literally eats away at dead skin cells, which are protein/tissue components that the body should naturally shed off. However, once we are out of our teenage years, our skin needs all the assistance it can get in removing that dead skin off our body, otherwise it literally will sit there, collecting and causing clogged pores. Yikes! Bromelain will literally dissolve that old skin away effortlessly through the amazing method of natural enzyme exfoliation. Your skin will feel softer in no time, even after just one use of incorporating pineapple’s amazing bromelain to your skin care regimen.  

CLARIFIES—Those with acne or breakouts, listen up! Pineapple will clarify and tone your skin helping your body eliminate impurities. It does all of this without further irritation to your skin, no stinging, drying out the skin, or stripping the skin of essential nutrients. Because acne is the result of inflammation in the body and skin, skin needs the enzymes, vitamin C and nutrients of the pineapple properties to repair. Remember, pineapple + anti-inflammatory = healthy, healed skin. 

REGENERATES—Think anti-aging, ladies and gentlemen! We’re bringing back good ol’ vitamin C here! Vitamin C in pineapple is a powerful anti-aging component due to being an important antioxidant as well. Antioxidants fight free radicals from harming our skin, which can break down collagen, elastin, and age our skin drastically. We can’t see these free radicals, but they’re everywhere. So adding in pineapple in multiple ways by skincare products, or by consuming pineapple fruit or juice internally will all contribute the the healthy look of your skin! And isn’t healthy skin, beautiful skin? Pineapple can actually build up collagen tissues in the skin, giving the skin a firmer and youthful looking appearance.It will repair and beautify from the inside out. 

Eco Diva Beauty is happy to say we have multiple products that harness the power of the pineapple in our cleansers and serums! Please let us know how we can find the right one for your skin by emailing us at beautyexpert@ecodivabeauty.com.

Have you tried any of our pineapple-infused products? How has your skin improved? Share your story and comments below!

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