5 Beauty Tips To Try This Spring


Hello beautiful Eco Divas! Spring is already here and its time to start fresh and anew with our skincare and beauty regimens.

1. Exfoliate

Hands down this might be my beauty expert favorite and essential suggestion for springtime skincare. Believe it or not, but as a holistic esthetician and as the beauty expert here at Eco Diva, I find way too many aren’t exfoliating, or exfoliating well. During winter months, our bodies like the weather tend to slow down, and even our skin can too. Dry, flaky skin of the harsh cold winter season be gone! Bye-bye black-heads, ingrown hairs and lackluster skin. Exfoliation is a proactive way to help the body to also rid itself of toxins with all that circulation that exfoliating can create. Skin exfoliation stimulates skin cellular turnover to reveal fresh and healthy skin. When the skin is well exfoliated moisturizers, lotions and serums can penetrate better for optimal performance.

Here are some of my beauty expert suggestions to polish up your complexion this spring!


2. Mask

As the weather warms up, our skin tends to produce a bit more oil, so its a good idea to cleanse out excess oils, soften the skin and revitalize skin cells. I suggest a gentle yet highly effective mask during the springtime. Opt instead of clay based ingredients for fruit and floral botanical rich elements to really brighten your complexion. Flower extracts are highly potent in combating pigmentation and texture irregularities on the skin. Some of my favorites include daisy, jasmine, rose, strawberry and pineapple.

Here are a few of my beauty expert suggestions for a floral based mask:


3. Prime

If you are new to the world of priming, welcome! If you have been using primers for awhile, its an excellent time to spring clean your products and check your primer to make sure it is free from harmful silicone and polymers.

Primers add hydration to the skin which smooths out the skins surface, minimizing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and pore size! Green beauty primers also act as the next layer in skincare by not only adding hydration but other anti-aging beneficial ingredients. Primers are used after moisturizing but before makeup application for makeup staying power! Your makeup will look freshly set all day after applying a primer.

Eco Diva is proud to announce we have more primer options in our shop! We just added several more new options:


4. Color

I’m sure you’re like us here at Eco Diva, and that is springtime = color! We can’t resist but putting fun pops of color around our home, wardrobe and makeup is a must! We absolutely love the rosy lip and cheek look. It truly is universal and anyone with any color tone can achieve a brightened and fresh face makeup approach by adding in pops of pink suitable to your unique skin tone. 

Here are my beauty expert makeup product picks for a rose-toned look:


5. Brush

Is it time to spring clean your brushes? Or how about treat yourself to a set of new makeup brushes? There is no time like the present and spring is the perfect time to stock up on tools that will make your makeup ritual a more pleasant and rewarding experience of self care and love. All the brushes we carry are vegan and cruelty free. Just remember to clean them for optimal makeup results and avoid harboring bacteria in the bristles.

We have a lovely array of makeup brushes to meet all your application needs in our shop. Some must-have brushes are the newest additions to our shop from ILIA Beauty:

Eco Diva loves you and as always loves hearing from you! Happy Spring Divas!




Monika Prause - Apr 22, 2017

Love that Spring is in the air. Loving all the colour coming out of the ground?

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