Fall is upon us and with that comes cozy sweaters, wool hats and deep makeup colors. Now's the time to break out your purples, your blues, your metallics and your burgundies, especially on your nails. Read on for our top five favorite nail polish colors for this season.

  1. Maiden, by TENOVERTEN: A lush, deep purple complements any skin tone, and looks polished (pun intended) whether you're wearing it to work or for play.
  2. Copper, by RGB Cosmetics: A metallic brushed copper color that brings out your inner rocker. 
  3. Commerce, by TENOVERTEN: A midnight blue for those looking for a bit more of an edge. Two coats makes it almost navy.
  4. Haze, by RGB Cosmetics: A warm, purple-y gray, Haze is our favorite fall neutral. It gives a bit of a twist on your standard gray, and pops against fall jewel tone clothes.
  5. Pine, by TENOVERTEN: A metallic forest green that looks especially good on darker skintones, this polish stands out while still feeling slightly neutral, enhancing bold patterns and colors.

What colors are you swiping on for fall?


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