7 Ingredients to Avoid + the Best Non Toxic Mascaras

Are you a lash girl, like us here at Eco Diva Beauty? Mascara is a magic wand in the cosmetic world that enhances our natural lashes. Longer, thicker, fuller effect on our eyes is what most of us women crave! There’s something so striking about eyes laced with the dramatic contrast that inky black mascara offers. But did you know in many mainstream mascaras lurk hidden ingredients that are toxic to the human body? It can be so atrocious as to be carcinogenic!

Mascara is a beauty product that many wellness and naturopathic practitioners cringe at because they know how unsafe and scary it is for our bodies. It’s a big scare in that little bottle and it's hard to believe that the mascara we put on our lashes every day can actually be absorbed into the bloodstream. In fact, everything we put on our bodies eventually makes its way inward.

Mascara is a beauty product that is not discussed in length compared to skincare or facial makeup. Many do not realize that the mascara they are applying each day is either having positive or negative effect on their health and wellbeing. Today we’d like to enlighten you on seven ingredients to avoid in mascara and give you a little info on the best non toxic mascaras you can choose instead.

Ingredients to Avoid

1. Parabens: These harmful preservatives are added into mascara to keep bacteria from growing in order to instill a longer shelf life. Parabens mimic the estrogen hormone and more and more studies continue to prove that parabens are a direct link to breast cancer. It doesn’t stop there: Parabens interfere with nervous sytem and brain health and function. They are known irritants that cause rashes, swelling and redness. So applying mascara every day and wondering why you have itchy, bothered eyes? Parabens are to blame. 

2. Aluminum Powder: This toxic metal is used to give color to mascaras and is a proven neurotoxin. It is known to be one of the worst toxins around, as it interferes with all the essential functions of cell and bodily processes. With continued exposure, the body will lose the ability to eliminate and detox toxins and heavy metals such as mercury. The result is a lifelong buildup of mercury and aluminum that isn’t going anywhere, staying stagnant in the body, and the concentration of aluminum becomes much more toxic than before.

3. Fragrance: Anything labeled as “fragrance” you should run away from! Fragrances are synthetic compounds made to cover up loads of other chemicals and gives the “brand” a distinct signature scent. Some fragrances are covering up toxic coal tar smells and much more. It also is known to cause allergic reactions, headaches, dizziness and concerning skin conditions. It can also be listed as “parfum."

4. Formaldehyde: A known carcinogen (cancer-causing agent) that is put into mascara as another form of preserving the product. This ingredient often is labeled under different names such as DMDM, imidazolindyl urea, methenamine and hydantoin to name just a few. 

5. Petrolatum: The infamous petroleum jelly, thick and pasty, literally suffocates our healthy lively cells by covering them up and preventing oxygen and circulation to occur. Over time petroleum will actually cause the cells to deteriorate and speed up the aging process thus making the person look older than they might be! Yikes! Even worse, petroleum molecules break down into carinogenic chemicals. 

6. Retinyl Acetate: A perverse form of vitamin A (you would think it’d be safe) however, formulated to be a synthesized chemical compound of vitamin A, it is transformed into a very unstable molecule. It will change cell function and signaling. It can even mutate your genes! 

7. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate: This chemical is found in nearly every mainstream beauty, self care or skincare product on the market today. It is one of the number one ingredients that create some of  the worst, most chronic allergic skin reactions such as rashes and dermatitis. SLS also signals to other chemicals in products to have more reactive properties to create carcinogenic molecules. 

Non Toxic Mascara

Natural mascaras contain lovely ingredients directed to enhance lash health while giving them long and full effects without hazardous ingredients! They often contain antioxidants and rich oils perfect for eyelashes and due to the purity of their ingredients, non toxic mascara prevents lashes from falling out prematurely and can help attain longer and stronger lashes. Ingredients are plant derived and include fruit such as berries, seaweed, oats, coconut, green tea and essential oils and vitamins.

Natural mascara is really the safest alternative and Eco Diva Beauty offers an array of luxurious mascaras safe for the body and the planet. We are sure you’ll agree when we say we are not giving up our precious health for beauty.

Our Non Toxic Mascara Picks

  1. ILIA BeautyILIA's newest formula, with a new component and brush, this mascara is naturally preserved and enhances eyes with lengthening power, plus it comes in multiple colors!
  2. Kjaer Weis: The ingredients in Kjaer Weis' organic mascara contain nourishing properties, with 99.8% sourced from organic farming. It glides on easily, with a sleek wand that adds the perfect amount of product, delivers great definition and adds layers to eyelashes. The container houses enough mascara for up to 3 months of use, and then can be refilled to avoid bacteria build up. It is elegantly fragranced with a beautiful rose scent.
  3. W3LL PEOPLE: Hyper pure mineral pigments create the blackest of black for highly defined, luxurious lashes. W3LL PEOPLE's new high-tech brush design, with injection-molded rubber and a unique cascade shape, precisely separates the thinnest, shortest, hard-to-reach lashes by expertly scooping up and lengthening each one–while delivering just the right amount of product.

We hope you take this article as one of empowerment. Now you can go out and about and be even more armed and knowledgeable of what is your beauty bag. The best solution for mascara? Go natural! Go with natural non toxic mascara that is!


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