Welcome Melissa Folk, our most recent blog contributor. She's an architecture student, foodie, workout enthusiast, dog lover, traveler and peanut butter connoisseur. She's also one of the three sisters who makes up the blog, Natural Living Folks. The purpose of her blog is to share natural, plant-based recipes and lifestyle musings, leading to a healthier, vibrant, fulfilled YOU! Today, she's talking about how to apply sunless tanner, including why you want to stick to all-natural sunless tanner formulas as we move into fall! Read on to find out more.

It’s hard not to love workin’ a sun-kissed, bronzed goddess glow, even into fall. And as an Eco Diva, perhaps you want to flaunt a glowing complexion all year round! I know I always feel a little more fabulous when I return from a tropical vacay a few shades darker. However, getting this look isn’t always easy for women with fair skin, or anyone wanting to avoid skin damage from harmful UV rays.

There are many brands and products out there that offer sunless tanning. Unfortunately, many of them also have harmful chemicals in their formulas. This list includes ingredients like parabens, synthetic colouring and toxic fragrances. All of these can be major hazards to your health—they are known to be cancer-causing agents, making it best to avoid them as much as possible.

Now, for a little bit about the most commonly used ingredient that does the actual browning of your skin—DHA. It can be either synthetically derived, or naturally. Not surprisingly, almost all the sunless tanning products on the shelves use the manufactured, non-natural version. DHA can be dangerous when inhaled if you go the spray tan route, or if it works its way through the top layer of your skin with a lotion. As damaging as sun overexposure can be to your skin, using a toxic sunless tanning alternative has the potential of being just as bad!

So, what’s an Eco Diva to do? Well, lucky for us, Chocolate Sun has an all natural sunless tanner available. Made from pesticide-free botanicals, herbs and essential oils, there is no need for concern when using this formula for a healthy glow. Chocolate Sun also uses the naturally derived version of DHA (from beet sugar), leaving us with no worries about toxins.

Plus, this product is on double duty by not only being a self tanner, but also working to hydrate with ingredients like shea butter and aloe vera. The lotion is also free of any major irritants, leaving your skin happy and healthy. And what’s more to love about Chocolate Sun Self Tanner is that without the chemical ingredients, there is none of that usual self tanner musty scent. This lotion smells like chocolate cake—how awesome it that?! 

Cocoa Glow #2 is best for medium skin tones, however I’m fairly light skinned and I loved the colour it gave me even after just one application. This easily convinced me that it’s a great self tanner, as it can be hard to match fair skin to a faux glow! The colour still maintained a natural look, but made me feel like I had spent time in the sun.

Steps to a Perfect Chocolate Sun Self Tan: 

  1. Begin by exfoliating your skin. Having a smooth surface without any dry skin patches benefits your all-natural sunless tanner look, and allows it to last longer!
  2. Pump the lotion into your hand and rub into your skin, taking time to make sure you cover your body evenly. This lotion spreads very well, so you won’t need too much!
  3. Allow the lotion to dry for a few minutes before putting clothes on. I recommend putting it on before bed, as it takes about eight hours to show its full colour. And no, it won’t leave messy residue on your sheets!

Your bronzed glow should last about four or five days, giving you the option to reapply if you feel the need for more colour. What I loved about this self-tanner is the option to use it on my face. Even with my sensitive skin, it left me with no issues! And, most importantly, the all natural sunless tanner colour that the lotion gave me was just what I was looking for—a sun-kissed, natural radiance.

So glow on, bronzed goddesses!

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Nicolle Mackinnon is a magazine editor and freelance writer, editor and social media consultant with an affinity for clean beauty, yoga and puppies. She blogs for No More Dirty Looks

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