5 Serums You Need for Fall

 It is that time of year again... the time the earth seems to slow down while crisp breezes flow through the ever changing colors of nature’s leaves. When the weather changes, so should our skincare products. Fall brings a mix of warmth and cold that shocks our skin quite a bit, and there’s a million reasons why you should be using a serum suitable to your skin’s needs during this transitory season, and while I am at it using a serum year round! But let’s stay focused on fall shall we? A million is a bit too much so I shall go over a few key pointers and the 5 serums your skin needs this season.

Are you like many who believe that serums tend to be oily and non absorbent to your skin? I challenge you to think again. Serums are actually lightweight and fast absorbing. As an esthetician, serums are my top choice for moisturizing the skin vs lotions or creams. Here's why:

  • Serums are incredibly versatile and even oily skin types can benefit from using serums, as the oil production in their skin will drastically decrease, resulting in flawless skin with fewer blemishes believe it or not!
  • Dry or mature skin types are instantly quenched with moisture benefits that this skin type so dearly needs. Skin will not feel tight or appear flaky.
  • Facial serums deliver doses of vitamins and active ingredients targeted to exactly what your skin needs. I believe if you aren’t using a great serum for your skin type and needs this fall, you are surely doing your skin a disservice. Not only now but also in the long run. As I always say, skin has an excellent memory. What you do to take care of it or not today, the evidence will show in the years to come.


As I mentioned above, serums soak into the skin like no other facial moisturizing product on the market. They also are excellent at targeting skin concerns, so the serum not only moisturizes but it is also a treatment product. Serums can be water or oil-based. Excess fluids and pointless ingredients are left out and only the most concentrate ingredients are left in. Serums are also potent anti-aging ingredients that are the true super troopers in skincare. Antioxidants, peptides, skin brighteners and hydrators are some of the active ingredients in these products.

At EcoDiva, we have so many incredidble serums to suit all skin types. Read on as I highlight a few of my top serum picks for this season!

1. MUN Brightening Serum

A fantastic choice for most skin types, this serum has a light yet intoxicating aroma of the 3 ingredient blend that cocktails this powerhouse serum—prickly pear, rose and argan oil sooth and nourish the skin and senses. As with most serums, a few drops is all you'll need to start brightening your skin tone, while all the antioxidants fight free radicals and reveal younger looking skin. 

2. EDLE Cosmetics Lipid Serum

A completely unscented serum, this product targets collagen production by repairing the skin and targeting the skin cells to rebuild essential proteins and tissues that makes skin appear youthful, smooth and healthy. CoEnzyme Q10 is one of the main ingredients in this serum that is a powerhouse anti-aging ingredient.

3. Kypris Antioxidant Dew

"Dew" is right... This serum has the most lightweight and milky white and creamy consistency. It soaks up fast into the skin and makes it great as a moisturizer alone or as a layering serum. It is suitable for most skin types, even those with sensitive or reactive skin. A truly dewy and glowing complexion that is supple and healthy indeed is the result. Thanks to the many wonderful ingredients including vitamin C, rose, and sea algae extract, skin immediately looks hydrated, renewed and fresh.

5. Organic Bath Co Enhance Face Oil

A concentrated blend of fruit extracts including watermelon, cranberry, raspberry, blackberry, acai and pomegranate deliver the wow factor to this serum! Along with exotic jasmine and neroli, this serum hits many key skin concerns to the point. It targets hyperpigmentation, restores plumpness to the skin to soften fine lines and wrinkles and it is so lightweight for a hydrating, oil-based serum.

4. Edible Beauty Australia No. 3 Exotic Goddess Ageless Serum

Another very lightweight serum, which glides onto skin instantly quenching thristy skin.One of its main purposes is to plump the skin, which makes this an ideal pre moisturizing treatment to the skin. Plumping the skin occurs through the use of its main ingredient: hylauronic acid (read this article for more on why you should be using hylaruonic acid). Other ingredients such as edelweiss flowers add firmness to the skin and helps block harmful UV sun rays. The delicate aroma of this serum is sure to make you feel like the goddess you are, every time you apply it. 

Tell us, do you use a serum? Which one is your favorite? We love hearing from you because #ecodivalovesyou!

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