The 8 Ingredients to Avoid in Nail Polish (Plus Safer Options)

At EcoDiva Beauty, we are big fans about our nail polish... What lady doesn’t like a mani/pedi? A few moments to yourself, dolling up your nails, relaxing, pampering, adding a splash of color to match your flair. It is indulgence, luxurious, zen, meditational, transformative. Whatever it is to you, its a beauty routine most of us enjoy. Whether at the spa or even if you do them yourself, nail painting is a past time enjoyed by women of all ages. And while we are all for that, we want to educate you on why you need to switch to non toxic nail polish to green beauty nail polish asap! Traditional, mainstream nail polish has some of the most harmful, toxic ingredients on their list. We inhale it as its applied, and our skin and nails are left defenseless while the polish leaches into our bodies. So what is actually in that polish and what do you need to avoid? Read on for all the details, plus a few of our favorite, safer options.

The major havoc-creating ingredient is Triphenyl Phosphate or TPHP.


First of all, this ingredient is found in the manufacturing of plastics and foam cushions in furniture, even found in fire retardant for furniture protection. Why is this going into our lovely nail polish? Good question! Its major role is to preserve the longevity of the nail polish application while making the “paint” more flexible to adhere to nails easily.

If you are applying nail polish with this chemical ingredient in it, it is 100% guaranteed that your body is absorbing it each and every time you apply the polish. A study done by the Environmental Working Group concluded that out of two dozen women that participated in the research, ALL of them tested positive for TPHP in their bodies.

What happens when TPHP enters the body you ask? TPHP enters the body obviously by the application of nail polish to nails. Once applied, the chemical molecules of the polish enter the bloodstream and TPHP gets metabolized then converted into DPHP (Diphenyl Phosphate). Once the body has reached that stage, the DPHP levels rise significantly. This is definitely not good.

These chemicals have been proven to harm and affect hormone regulation, the body's own natural metabolism, reproduction and development!

For many, nail polish is the first introduction to cosmetics as children or teenagers. What a dangerous time for those little bodies to be absorbing such toxins, while they are growing and developing. The same goes for tweens and teens, as their bodies are going through many hormonal changes while TPHP is present. We hate to think of the potential long-term consequences for these young people. What's more, pregnant and nursing women are very highly susceptible to toxins and are passing the TPHP to their babies.


Also, another food for thought here. Many women get their nails done consistently, whether that is weekly, bi monthly, monthly... Think of the compounded effect of being exposed to such high levels of TPHP.

There are other toxic and carcinogenic ingredients that you need to stay aware of when nail polish is your thing. These ingredients lurk in nail polish and disrupt our bodies' natural systems from the inside out. They're known as the “Big 5” or the “Big 8." All ingredients that fall into either of those terms, you’ll definitely want to avoid along with TPHP. The seven big ones besides TPHP to look for are:


We don't tell you about these ingredients so you're afraid; instead we want to arm you with knowledge of what is good for our bodies and what is not. Again, we say with full confidence that you do not need to give up your self pampering by getting your nails done. You can do so easily now. EcoDiva has taken the guess work out of what nail polish not only is safe but beautiful too! Safer nail polish alternatives can actually strengthen the nail and make it healthier.

Here are some of the lovely, safer nail polish options that we provide (and we've done all the testing and ingredient work for you, so you can trust the safety of these brands!):

1. treat collection: This brand is known for fast drying and long lasting nail polish, offered in a large variety of classic yet fun colors for EcoDivas of all kinds. We love the on-trend options—and the wide range of  neutrals like the lavender-toned beige of So Simple

2. RGB: Nail polishes found under this brand suit the modern color palate, minimalistic and clean but not dull by any means! The polish packs a pretty punch by being highly chip resistant with high sheen. The Rose Gold color is a favorite of ours for the summer!

3. tenovertenenoverten: They are known for promoting healthier nails with their ingredients that protect nails from damage. What's more is that each color lasts up to seven days when applied with their base adn top coats. We recommend their newest, limited edition bold trio of tenoverten x striiike.

There’s definitely no excuse now for not switching your nail polish completely over to natural options. The best solutions are literally right at your finger tips (pun intended)! Go forth and own your beauty EcoDivas! Please comment below, EcoDiva loves you and loves to hear from you!

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