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Road trips may be one of the most enjoyable past times for fun, adventure and spontaneity. You’ve got your music playlist, mapped out your journey, thrown in a pair of cute sunnies, but what about what’s in your luggage? Did you pack your skincare items? If you’re like us at EcoDiva, we tend to want to pack all our lovely beauty products... The problem? Items may break, are too bulky and not to mention adds a lot of weight to your bag! However, we have the perfect solution! Opt for a travel kit instead—read on for why and which one we reach for regularly.

One of our top picks for travel is the Dr. Alkaitis Organics Travel Kit. Why? The Dr. Alkaitis Organics skincare line is quite universal in our eyes. We have seen firsthand how our customers love using this product line, no matter their skin type or their skin concern. Everyone who tries this line seems to find results in this biodynamic organic skincare product line.

The Dr. Alkaitis Travel Kit is also one of our most travel-friendly offerings at EcoDiva because it contains everything your skin needs, regardless if you’re male or female! Not to mention, the kit can last 7-12 days. That should get you through your road trip and then some! It even comes in a convenient clear zip top bag. So what's in this miracle kit? Let's highlight each product that is included in Dr. Alkatis' Travel Kit, in the order you should apply them.

Details and How to Apply

Organic Herbal Toner: As we know, toners balance the pH of our skin (read more about why you need a toner in your skincare routine). On a road trip, our skin gets exposed to new types of debris, and maybe more debris or sweat than we are used to. So what better way to extra clean the skin with a lovely botanical herbal toner concoction? It is also so cooling to the skin, and your skin will love the soothing aloe vera as the main ingredient in it.

Organic Soothing Gel: As the name states, this product will soothe any skin, even those with skin irritations, and breakouts. While it is an aloe vera-based product, it is also loaded chock full of marine botanical ingredients such as atlantic kelp, red seaweed and sea oak to name a few. These ingredients are high in minerals and antioxidants which naturally protects the skin from harmful free radicals. It also helps keep the skin at a healthy pH level all while delivering hydration and skin plumping botanicals to the skin. Talk about a power packed product!

Organic Purifying Facial Cleanser: Keep your skin breakout free and smooth by using this cleanser. It uses an array of pure organic pressed oils, vitamins and essential oils to draw out the impurities of your skin, revealing a fresh and glowing complexion.  

Organic Nourishing Treatment Oil: Have you ever noticed when you are out and about, especially on a road trip, how your skin seems to get dry and patchy feeling at times? That is due to many factors, however it is mainly due to the elements such as sun exposure, heat and air/wind. Add a couple drops of the nourishing oil to your skin or cocktail it into the day or night creme (included) and your skin won’t be so dry or irritated any more. Another tip: Apply a few pumps of the nourishing oil to your tired feet and hands at night so they stay hydrated and moisturized too.

Organic Day & Night Creme: A fusion of wild flowers, the day and night creme will keep your skin moisturized without being greasy or heavy. The day creme is light and has a fluffy consistency to it which makes for easy application. It contains vitamin C and other citrus extracts to keep your skin fighting free radicals and hyper pigmentation concerns. The night creme is slightly thicker in consistency in order for it to heal and repair the skin while you sleep. You will wake up with a softer feeling skin texture and you will look rested, thanks to all the wonderful harvested botanicals in it.

Organic Eye Creme: Our eyes most definitely need their own product, as the skin there is most sensitive and delicate than any other part of our face. Dr. A’s eye cream will keep the skin hydrated and soothed with rose buds and chamomile while perking up your lids with green tea extract. The case the travel size eye cream comes in is tiny, but a little dab is all you’ll need and it should last the entire trip!

Organic Mask: As an added bonus, Dr. A threw in one of their Organic Masks. Each travel kit comes with a different one but they are considered to be universal so anyone can try it out. If you have time to throw on a mask while you are traveling, just add a bit of water to activate the mask. If you want to wait until you get home, attempt to make your mask even more luxurious by adding in raw honey or plain yogurt to your mask for added skin benefits!

How does all this sound for one perfectly sized travel kit? We say don’t forfeit your skincare regimen... Instead, pack light while bringing all your essentials and focus on what is really important: Creating wonderful memories for years to come. Happy and safe road tripping EcoDivas!

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