What's The Number One Ingredient For All Skin Types?

Drinking water is a well known fact to maintain a healthy body and a clear complexion. But did you know your skin needs to drink water topically too? Absolutely! Water or hydration for the skin is often a missed step in many skincare regimens. Do you find that your skin is dry? Do you find your skin irritated at times? Do you find yourself with aging skin? Are you struggling with breakouts? Dry patches? Rough skin? Read on to find out the remedy to all these skin issues...

So what one ingredient can help with all types of skin conditions? Hyaluronic acid.

What is hyaluronic acid? I can assure you it's not a burning or stinging ingredient as the word “acid” can convey. It's a very strong yet gentle, soothing and reparative molecule that is essential to all skin types. And it's naturally found in our bodies. It is found in all connective tissues of the human body.

A molecule made mostly of sugars, it magically retains moisture and hydration, ie: water. Hyaluronic acid is so powerful in its ability to hold moisture better than any other natural ingredient and stronger than any lab synthesized polymer. It can hold its weight 1000 times in water! That means wherever it is present, its sole purpose is to soak up or retain whatever moisture is present. It also attracts moisture molecules in the air, bringing it to the skin, to naturally plump! This is highly critical for aging, because youthful skin has lots of moisture. However with age our skin loses its moisture which becomes a downward spiral of loss of skin firmness and pliability.

So, what else does hyaluronic acid do for our skin? Besides acting as a powerhouse ingredient to improve moisture content, it also strengthens our skin’s barrier, all those outer layers of skin. So what’s the big deal about that? Many of us have a compromised skin barrier. Compromised skin is the result of many factors: sun-damage, acne, dermatitis, sensitive skin, rosacea. And the best part of repairing the skin’s protective barrier? More beautiful and healthy skin that is now plumper, softer, smoother and more youthful looking.

Hyaluronic acid is also an anti inflammatory agent. By reducing the effects of free-radicals, it naturally reduces inflammation of the skin. Talk about a multitasking ingredient that also aids in skin anti aging. Yes, please!

Because of its lightweight texture and composition, it doesn’t irritate oily skin types yet it is gentle enough for sensitive skin. It won't create additional skin issues and is truly safe and beneficial for all skin types.

How can you add hyaluonic acid to your routine? l Adding HA is quite simple. Most products that contain HA are either moisturizers or serums. So you could be adding in hyaluronic acid just within the moisturizing step during your daily and nightly skincare rituals. Hyaluronic acid can also perform well if you only use it during evenings as a moisturizer/serum. It can also be found in a endless array of products from lipsticks, foundation to shampoo. Look for hyaluronic acid or sodium syaluronate to make sure your green beauty products contain this essential ingredient.

Here are some of my personal Beauty Expert favorites with hyaluronic acid:

When it comes to skincare and natural beauty, hyaluronic acid is your #1 ingredient, certain to deliver results. Youthful looking skin while creating a healthy skin barrier is sure to make anyone glow.

To reap all the benefits of hyaluronic acid, EcoDiva Beauty has got you covered! We have everything from makeup, hair care and skincare products that contain this essential ingredient for every individual’s beauty needs. Email me at beautyexpert@ecodiva.com for personal assistance. And remember keep your questions coming, EcoDiva loves you and wants to address your most pressing skincare and beauty questions! 

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