Why Does Switching to Green Beauty Sometimes Cause a Skin Detoxification?


Have you noticed your skin freaked out when it went to green beauty? That it started a skin detoxification process you weren't prepared for?

In this month’s article I’d like to highlight here a topic that really hasn’t been discussed much in the open when it comes to considering and transitioning into green beauty: Skin detoxification and the green beauty detox. Why does your skin sometimes panic when you're switchingn to healthier, greener, cleaner products?

I think we all want to live a greener lifestyle, inside and out, that’s why we are here on EcoDiva, exploring all these lovely green beauty products that are beneficial holistically to the planet and our bodies, without sacrificing that inner beauty diva we all have. Some of us started the green journey because we felt an inner shift, while others have gone through personal physical or health related issues that lead us to enlightenment of how to improve these areas of our lives and those around us. Whatever the reason is we all found our way here.

Much like many journeys in life, the road to greatness may not be all that great. There are bumps and surprises along the way that are less than desirable. The same applies to going green with our beauty. One of the less frequent but still common issues that I’ve come across when going green is how our skin tends to react during the transition phase...

Have you noticed when you went green, your skin reacted strangely? Did you experience irritation or breakouts (a skin detoxification)? Flaky skin, oily skin? If you didn’t, thats great! If you did, please don’t give up and understand it is completely normal. I’ve shared bits and pieces of my personal skincare story from time to time, and one thing is true, when I switched to green beauty my body reacted from head to toe!

I was fortunate enough to know that this was a normal process: My hair got greasier, my skin had random flare-ups and breakouts and even my deodorant was not working! Yikes! I hope this makes you all laugh! But it all went away before I knew it! Balance had been re-discovered in my body and those weird side effects of going green went away. The same can and will happen for you. Stay consistent and believe with a knowing that you are doing something great for your body.

Why does this process of skin detoxification happen? It is our bodies' natural way of detoxing all those lurking toxins and chemicals that were trapped in our body and couldn’t fully function properly to release them. The skin is the largest organ and many toxins lay trapped in it. The skin also has a way of excreting toxins from deep within the body. Those toxins block the excretion system, the lymphatic system and stay blocked into our cells and even DNA . The body becomes so over taxed and under stressed by these chemicals and can’t fully break down the molecules, they stay trapped in our bodies.

Think about it: Before switching to green beauty, how many years were we exposed to those chemicals that we were unknowingly drenching our body with every day? Thats a huge accumulation over a long period of time. That simple thought gives importance as to why our bodies deserve a little “freak-out time” to find their own balance. Each person varies and the way we release toxins is different for everyone. Some people just have more reactive skin and thus the beauty detox process shows up visibly on the skin.

The best results come from choosing high quality green beauty products. These green beauty products are formulated with the right kind of molecules that the body can recognize as something helpful instead of harmful. The molecules are bio-compatible and help the skin and body stay cohesive and balanced! What happens next is a constant state of balance for your skin. So, if and when a toxic irritant comes along, your body will actually react to it even worse than before. When our bodies no longer are used to or exposed to these harmful products and then suddenly is, don’t be surprised if you notice a horrible reaction. That's your body’s way of telling you “warning, danger!” I’ve also noticed that to be very common amongst those of us who have reactive skin. Try to look at your reactive skin as a positive. It's a chance to listen to your body and give it what it needs instead of what it doesn’t.

Ready to go green? I advise that its best to transition slowly. Start with cleansers, toners and moisturizers. If you can brave that, then move into makeup (use our easy, five-step guide!), serums and treatments. Remember, quality is best and the most important when going green. You will have less reactions as you transition. Your skin will adjust and deliver the results you want without sacrificing your health and appearance. EcoDiva has got you covered and we are happy to share our tried, tested and true luxury green beauty product recommendations with you!

Remember, we are just an email away (beautyexpert@ecodivabeauty.com), and please keep sending in your questions! #EcoDivaLovesYou and loves hearing from you!


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