Beautifying Oils: 4 Routine-Changing Products

Oils are a huge component of the natural beauty routine, and can be used in quite literally every step of your self-care ritual. The oils used in green beauty formulations are carefully curated and combined to create lush formulas, absolutely packed with antioxidants, natural retinols, omegas, and other potent nutrients that heal and nourish the skin- naturally! Since oils are lipophilic, they are able to pass through the outer lipid layer and penetrate into the skin, also acting as a carrier to draw other skincare products deeply into your skin (and hair!).

For their countless beautifying qualities, oils have been used in beauty rituals since ancient times and are still working their magic today. That said, it’s easy to be a bit overwhelmed by all the different uses and options. Luckily for us, Eco Diva carries tons of oil-wonder-products that are sure to wow you whether you’re an oil novice or expert. I’ve tested countless formulations, and compiled a list of four different oil-based products for four different uses. Also keep in mind that oils are very versatile and one product can often be multipurpose, so they’re a great investment product if you’re looking to upgrade your collection.

1. Facial Cleanser: Max and Me Purity and Grace

Oil cleansing is an ancient method of cleansing the skin that draws sebum and skin-clogging particles out like a magnet. This appropriately named, luxurious facial cleanser by Max and Me is the pinnacle of oil cleansers. Not only does it remove makeup and clean the skin, but it leaves your face feeling so smooth and nourished you could make this a one-step evening ritual.

2. Facial Treatment / Serum: Kjaer Weis The Beautiful Oil

This facial oil is so potent as a skincare step, it can be used as not only a moisturizer, but a serum. If you’re looking for an effective skincare treatment that you can use both night and day (it’s designed to look ethereally gorgeous under makeup), that sinks into the skin with a light as air finish, then this is the facial oil for you.

3. Perfume: Leahlani Perfume Oil

While most conventional perfumes are notorious for being particularly harmful since “fragrance” does not need to be defined, pure perfume oils from Leahlani are good to the last drop. Infused with organic essential oils and extracts, you can adorn yourself in these warm, tropical scents knowing they don’t only smell dreamy, but nourish the skin that they touch.

4. Body Moisturizing Serum: Kahina Body Serum

This intoxicatingly addictive body serum leaves your skin feeling hydrated and softly scented with a warm, woody, earthy notes. After showering and toweling off, your skin drinks in this oil and glows from the inside out. If you’re going out somewhere special, apply this oil to any exposed skin for a goddess-like glow.

These adorning oils are a wonderful addition to any routine, particularly dry and thirsty skin. Part of the fun of a beauty ritual is finding what works for you, so experiment, play, and make your own rules. Combine oils of your own to see what works for you, and always have fun, that’s the ultimate beauty secret.


Sydney Kimiko
With 5+ years of experience in beauty, fashion, and lifestyle, Sydney has found her niche in natural, conscious makeup. She's passionate about helping women find green alternatives for their conventional beauty staples. Follow her @sydneyhafen.
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