2 Natural Blemish-Busters To Try Right Now

Let's face it: We don't all have the flawless skin of runway models...and even then, models get spots and pesky blemishes too! So, how do we fight these suckers without completely stripping our skin free of all of its important oils and lipids? Read on for two natural blemish-busters with powerful, effective, gentle ingredients.

Whether you suffer from occasional spots, regular breakouts, age spots or hyper–pigmentation, blemishes on the skin aren't fun. They're typically caused by oil–clogged pores on your skin. So, how to rid yourself of that? Well, as much as I'd like to say a good skincare regimen helps, it isn't the end all. Of course, the obvious tips such as not squeezing spots, staying hydrated (internally and on the skin) can decrease your chances of getting blemishes. It's also important to remember that our skin mirrors our internal well being. That means that if you're looking after what you're putting in your body, getting your rest, drinking lots of a water and really caring for yourself, you'll generally see an improvement in your skin.

But what if you're doing all of that and you STILL have inflammation and zits? Here's how to get rid of them the natural way.

If you've ever glanced at a conventional blemish/acne fighting products, you'll notice a slew of unnatural, toxic ingredients. Ingredients such as Benzalkonium Chloride, Fragrance, Methyl Salicylate, Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) / Sodium laureth sulfate (SLES) and more. SLS and SLES are surfactants that are typically found in more than 90% of personal care and cleaning products! (Unreal!) SLSs are also definite skin, lung and eye irritants. If combined with other chemicals, which they usually are, they can form nitrosamines, a carcinogen. As if that wasn't bad enough, these combinations can lead to a bunch of other health issues, such as kidney and respiratory damage. NO THANK YOU!

So let's chat about the natural way to keep spots and blemishes at bay. There are so many amazing options that contain tea tree oil, amazing cold pressed, unrefined oils and other natural ingredients that soothe and heal.

Let's start with the order in which I use these products before I go to bed. I prefer to use these in my nighttime skincare regimen, as they really sink into my skin and nothing else is on top of them (i.e. makeup), preventing them from working to their fullest potential.

1. Isa's Blemish Solution Facial Oil

This is an all–over face oil that is high in linoleic fatty acids, organic cold pressed and unrefined oils. It brings balance to your skin, especially those low in linoleic fatty acids (essential to the human body) which as a result often cause acne and blemishes. Clary Sage is another ingredient that is valuable in treating blemishes, as it is a relaxant that helps to relieve stress along with the help of lavender. Petitgrain oil is calming and anti–septic, helping with with anxiety and of course, acne. 


Make sure your face is clean. Place a small amount of Blemish Solution Facial Oil in the palm of your hand and gently, but evenly apply the facial oil. A technique Isa's Restoratives mentions is to apply it by using push and press technique, covering the face. 

2. White & Elm Tea Tree + Lavender Spot Serum

Tea tree and lavender in a Spot Serum = powerful! This oil–based spot treatment instantly soothes active breakouts and helps prevent new ones from occurring. Both lavender essential oil and tea tree essential oil carry antiseptic properties that are extremely effective at treating blemishes. Not to mention lavender is an anti–inflammatory and tea tree disinfects, unblocks clogged pores and reduces spots. Among these two superstars, there are way more incredible, powerful natural oils and ingredients. Make sure you take a look at the full ingredient listing!


Lightly roll the Spot Serum onto the active breakout or spot. Then, gently press the serum onto your skin and let it do its magic!

So there you have it! Two of my favourite all–natural blemish busting products. Do you have any go–tos or favourites when dealing with annoying spots or breakouts? Do let us know in the comments below!  

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