3 Easy Makeup Looks With Organic Lipstick


Do you do your makeup pretty much the same way every day? If you answered yes, you’re not alone.  On  daily basis, the only things I really modify are my eyeliner and my lipstick, which I alter in order to achieve my three favorite looks. Read on to find out my step-by-step tutorial for all three, using organic lipstick!

When you’re constantly on the go, and time is in shorty supply, simply changing your lipstick can mean the difference between a light and youthful natural look or a dramatic, eye-catching one.

The Natural/Atheisure look is perfect for weekends, going out to a casual brunch, post-workout, or any time you’re not in the mood for a more toned down look.  I use NU Evolution’s lipstick in Chianti, which can best be described as a mauve shade with strong hints of pink. It applies smoothly and a little goes a long way.  The box of this certified organic lipstick lists 15 toxic ingredients that are not in the product, which is reassuring and exactly what you should be looking for in a product.  

Hynt Beauty’s Libre Luxurious Lip Gloss in Burgundy Cherry is one of my all-time favorites, and the name perfectly describes the color, which really flattered my skin tone and creates an easy Daytime look. This long-lasting lipgloss delivers great shine and the perfect amount of rich color for a day at the office. Also certified organic, it is free of petroleum, dyes and carmine, and is lightly scented with healing and slightly fragrant sweet orange oil. 

For a bold Glam look, Fitglow Beauty’s lipstick in LOVE is pure, vibrant red at its best.  Formulated with “lip loving organic butters, botanical extracts and essential plant oils,” this lipstick delivers essential antioxidants and moisture to your lips in a longlasting formula.

You can learn more about these lipsticks, and see how they apply and look in the video below!

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