3-Minute Makeup with ELDE Cosmetics

ELDE Lip & Cheek Rush in Impulse, above.

I like to think that I’ve always been one to think outside of the box when it comes to makeup looks... and this doesn’t mean I’ve got to use 15 different products! Thinking outside of the box for me means using what I’ve got and doing some fun looks that not many would think of right off the bat! We all know that monochromatic looks are in, a glossy lid is in, stains are in!


Well, we’re in luck! Enter in ELDE Lip + Cheek Rush! These beauties get the job done. ELDE's lippies have incredible organic ingredients that nourish, protect and hydrate, like coconut oil and cacao butter—they’re my new faves for multi-tasking! They’re gluten-free, cruelty-free, vegan and gentle on my sensitive skin. Oh, and as if the lip colors could get any better, they’ve also recently come out with new packaging... in sleek tubes with an applicator. SO effortless to apply!

So, let's use these gorgeous colors to create a monochromatic, 3-minute makeup look with the Impulse and Pomegranate Lip + Cheek Rush.

3-Minute Monochromatic Makeup with ELDE Cosmetics

Impulse, above.


Take Impulse or Pomegranate and apply a bit on the back of your hand—I prefer this over applying directly to the cheeks/lids because you have more control over how much product you apply.


Use your fingers to dab into the product on the back of your hand and apply to the apples of your cheeks, eyelids and lips. (For lips, you could of course use the applicator.)

Pomegranate, above.


Blend well with your fingers or with a smaller fluffy brush. Something like ILIA Beauty’s Foundation Brush or Alima Pure’s Highlighter Brush would be great for blending the product out on your cheeks and Alima Pure’s No. 39 Large Shadow Brush is perfect for your blending your eyelid colour!


Dab some colour onto your lips with the applicator or fingers and voila! You’re done!

Easy right? Of course, with a gloss/stain, there will be creasing—but that’s part of the look! Adds character and no one eyelid will crease the same. So much beauty in originality. :)

ELDE has five more gorgeous Lip + Cheek Rush shades—check them all out here!

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