4 Steps To Healing Sunburned Skin With Organic Beauty

Summer is in full swing! You're at the beach, hanging with friends poolside on weekends, and doing all of your fun outdoor activities in the hot (and strong) sun! You already know the importance of protecting your skin well. You use a natural and safe sunscreen that protects your body, face and most importantly, you remember to keep hydrated! But let's face it, sometimes we miss a spot... or we forget to reapply after we dry ourselves from the ocean water or pool (guilty). So, what to do when your sun–kissed becomes a sunburn? I've got you covered!

The role of after–sun care definitely gets far less attention than protecting ourselves from the sun, but it’s essential to healthy skin. Yes, it is vital to use a good, natural sunscreen, but it's important that we don't solely rely on sunscreen to give our skin all the protection and care it needs from the sun. I mean, red, burned, itchy and dehydrated skin is no fun! So, in a few simple steps, let's chat about the proper after–sun care... beceause this, in the longrun, is going to prevent 'today's sun exposure' from becoming 'tomorrow's sun damage.' 


When I've gotten a bit too much sun, or am feeling a bit warm to the touch after being outside in the full sunshine, one of my favourite things to do is to take a cool shower or bath. A bath is probably the best option, because you can add soothing herbs (chamomile, lavender, etc.) and other awesome, natural ingredients to soothe and calm your skin. I looove Woodlot's Soothe Mineral Bath Soak, and Pursoma Earth's Bound Body Mask does wonders to your skin as well! 


Just like after any bath or shower, I always make sure to nourish my skin with a lotion or oil. It's going to keep my skin supple, hydrated and, depending on which lotion/oil/balm you're using, it will soothe your skin too. An awesome a nourishing and comforting after–sun product, is Zoe Organics Everything Balm. Its certified organic ingredients (shea butter, jojoba oil, coconut oil, beeswax, lavender essential oil, vanilla CO2 oil) not only help protect your skin, but they also soothe and moisturize to stop the effects of overexposure to the sun too. 



Open the tube, twist it up and apply liberally! It's almost like applying a stick deodorant.


If you're needing something a bit more soothing than just a balm, Dr. Alkaitis Organic Soothing Gel will be your best friend. I love this stuff! It's incredibly soothing and refreshing–especially if you leave it in the fridge to stay nice and cool whenever applied. Dr. Alkaitis never skimps on amazing organic ingredients. This product is no exception, with powerful, soothing ingredients such as greater nettle, wild chamomile, myrrh, european elder, sweet weed and French lavender. This Soothing Gelis not just for burns either, but can be used for a post–shave treatment,acne, eczema and rosacea. It's also awesome for oily skin types! You can use this gel in place of a day or night cream as a moisturizer to promote a smooth and shine–free complexion.

Shake the bottle well. Use one or two pumps depending on the area of the surface you're applying it to, and gently rub it in. You'll immediately feel a cooling, soothing sensation. Allow a few seconds for it to dry and enjoy the relief!


Give your skin time to recover! Make sure to constantly hydrate your body, using gentle products that will moisturize and heal your skin (as mentioned above). I personally love the idea of a gentle face mist. HollyBeth Organics Rose Geranium Toner is amazing for balancing the skin on your face and provides a gentle mist of soothing ingredients to hydrate and calm your skin. The rose oil in this product nurtures dry, stressed skin and helichrysum provides antiseptic, anti–inflammatory and emollient properties. It also can double as a makeup setting spray! (And if you spend $100 on the line in August, you'll get a free Marigold Toner as a gift, to supplement your beautiful skin!)


If you find your face is still pretty red, and the lotions and mists aren't cutting it, I've got an amazing product by FitGlow Beauty for you! Their Redness Rescue Cream is literally a lifesaver. This miraculous cream immediately calms stressed out, burnt, angry, red skin. With a blend of organic comfrey, calendula and chamomile, it repairs skin, stimulates cell growth, plus decompresses skin inflammation. There is a green mineral tint to the cream, which of course, immediately counteracts and reduces the redness in your skin. Organic grapeseed oil hydrates without greasiness and keeps skin healthy and clear. This stuff is also amazing for rosacea, sensitive and/or stressed skin. I can’t be without it!  

I use one full pump, and then some if extra is needed. I gently pat it into my skin and any areas that are especially red and inflamed.


This isn't really a step, it's more advice. Just keep in mind to avoid using any harsh or irritating cleansers/face/body products for at least a few days. For me, personally, I also make sure to not shave or wax while my skin heals. The less irritation, the happier your skin will be and it will heal quicker! 
Do you have any go-to natural products for after-sun care? We'd love to hear about them in the comments below! xo



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