An Easy Summer Festival Makeup Look


Music festival season is upon us and with all the crazy cool makeup looks you see every year…why not join?! Don’t worry though, you don’t have to compromise your safe, clean products—you can get an amazing, fun, party look in no time with these awesome products and tips!

Step 1: Skip foundation, opt for a tinted moisturizer with SPF

Who wants a sweaty, sun kissed, foundation-y face at an outdoor festival?! I sure don’t! I want as natural and lightweight as possible. That’s where the tinted moisturizer comes in! ILIA’s Sheer Vivid Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 Moisturizer is amazing! This semi-matte tinted moisturizer formula with soothing botanicals helps calm and revitalize your skin. Aloe vera provides long-lasting hydration while white tea and rosemary extract combat free radicals. It locks in moisture with sodium hyaluronate, which promotes skin microcirculation beneath the surface, resulting in a smooth and all-around fuller appearance. Sun protection, skincare and makeup in one. Brilliant.


Pretty simple, actually. Using your two fingers, apply it like you would a moisturizer. Be sure it's blended well for an even skin tone!

Step 2: Black liner smokiness

Grab the blackest liner you own—I love the duo of W3ll People's Black Mascara and Black Hypnotist Pencil. This beautiful, lusturous Hypnotist Eye Pencil glides on like a dream and offers a smooth, precise line for a perfectly defined eye. Unlike many conventional black liners, this one is designed to be moisturizing and nourishing to your eye area without the harsh, nasty chemicals and skin-aging adhesives found in most eye cosmetics.


Take the pencil liner and line your upper lid, lower lid, waterline… all of it. It doesn’t have to be perfect cus we’re going to smoke it out! You know that disheveled, lived-in, I-slept-in-makeup kind of look? That’s what we’re going for here. The more imperfect, the better. Take a q-tip and blend out the liner, smudge it out with your finger a bit - don’t do too much, just lightly. We still want a subtle black/smoky eyeliner happening!

If you’re not keen on the black liner, you can opt for brown..heck, any deeper color. A merlot, navy… go crazy! ILIA's Beauty Pure Eyeliner has some great shade options!

Step 3: Conceal/brighten

Now’s the time to conceal any imperfections (if you have them)! Don’t overdo it, because we want to keep that natural, no-foundation look. Focus on any spots or under-eye circles that need brightening and concealing. One of my favourite new concealers is the W3LL PEOPLE Bio Correct Multi-Action Concealer, that’s alongside the Hynt Beauty Duet Perfecting Concealer. Both are amazing and will definitely do the trick!


Apply the W3LL PEOPLE Bio Correct onto under your eye and eyelids to conceal dark circles and brighten eyes. Like I mentioned, you can use this as a spot corrector to achieve an even skin tone and minimize redness. It may come out a bit thick, so just be sure to warm it and blend it onto the face using your fingertips, or a foundation brush. Gently tap and blend the concealer onto your complexion until your desired effect is achieved. Don't forget to set any of your concealed areas with setting powder (W3ll People’s Realist Tinted Setting Powder or Hynt Beauty's Encore Fine Pressed Powder are awesome).

Step 4: Mascara

This is key! Grab your favourite black (or brown) mascara and coat the mess out of your lashes! I love the  (mentioned above in the liner portion) W3LL PEOPLE Black Mascara. Its amazing formula creates big, bold fluffy lashes instantly! It also nourishes, due to its synergistic botanical blend. This mascara contains hyper pure mineral pigments creating the blackest of black lashes. And W3LL PEOPLE just added a few bold colors that I'll be reviewing soon!


Swip the mascara on your lashes as many times as you please! Remember, the messier and clumpier… the better! So, don’t be too perfect about it. This is a fun look, because you don’t really have to care too much. Effortless beauty is my fave!

Step 5: Cream Blush

We’re going for a very dewy, bare skin, lived-in party look. To achieve that, we want to use as little powder as possible (minus the setting powder for certain concealed areas). I use (and absolutely LOVE) ILIA’s Beauty Multi-Stick I Put A Spell On You to get this look.


This is super easy to apply! You can do one of two things: Take the stick and dab it on your cheeks, then use your fingers to blend it out...

OR you can take a small stippling brush, swipe it on the blush, and apply it by blending it out seamlessly.


Step 6: Lips

Easy peasy on the lips… just take the same multi-use blush stick and dab it on your lips. Voila! Totally low-maintenance and beautiful!

Step 8: Hydrate yourself/face throughout the day

I highly recommend a face mist such as Vitruvi's MOVE Face and Body Mistexcellent for invigorating the brain and body. It has a cooling peppermint oil paired with refreshing citrus top notes of grapefruit extract and pure lime oil, followed by subtle traces of black pepper oil to stimulate circulation. You'll be feeling refreshed and ready to go after a spritz of this!


Close your eyes and mist over face, neck and/or body. You can never have too much of this amazing mist!

There you go, you’re ready to party + dance the night away! Have fun and if you recreate this look, don’t forget to hashtag #ecodivalovesyour and #makeuptipswithhullosam!


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