Fall Head Over Heels For These Autumn Lip Colours

There's finally a chill in the air, the leaves are starting to shift colour and drop...fall is here! This also means updating your wardrobe – sweaters, boots, lots of denim (my fave), flannel – easy! But what about makeup? Lipstick?! Hello darker shades, right? Yes, but think beyond just brick reds and your simple berries. There are so many new, exciting and fun shades this season! Whether they're glossy or matte, more on the subtle side or bold, I've got you ladies covered! So, you can get those makeup bags stocked with some lovely fall options, and pull them out whenever you fancy! Get ready because updating your go-to makeup look for fall can be just as easy. 

First off, we all know that natural, non-toxic lipsticks are incredibly important to advocate. According to lipsource.com's Lipstick Facts, women will use up to 9 pounds of lipstick in their lifetime! Not only that, but 30% or more of the lipstick we wear ends up in our stomach...especially the ones that are flavoured - due to licking lips and of course the obvious, eating. If you're putting toxic ingredients on your mouth, they're for sure getting into your system too. Want to up your anty this season with all the natural, clean ingredient lipsticks? Read on...


Ilia Lipstick in Linger:

This Limited Edition lipstick is quite unique! With its warm, cognac almost metallic-like shimmer. It's beautiful with a copper eye look, or even a bare eye. On its own, it's utterly bewitching! (Yeah, I said it...afterall Halloween is this month!)




Hynt Beauty Aria Pure Lipstick in Passion Plum:

This may be one of my favourite lipstick formulas. I mean, check out what these lipsticks do: "Aria Pure Lipsticks feature a patented, 100% GMO-free, plant-based complex that boosts water absorption and hydration levels by +25% across three epidermis layers of the lip, decreasing fine lines and wrinkles, all while providing great, creamy color payoff."

I'd say Hynt Beauty knows how to do an incredibly moisturizing, stunning shade of lipstick! This one is a sheer plum, so you can wear it during the day no problem..or at night, if you shy away from the bolder shades. But what I really love about this shade is that it can be layered for deeper color payoff. Win!


Kjaer Weis Lipstick in Adore

“I like to think of this color as a 'Hollywood' red. It's the lipstick stars like Rita Hayworth would've never imagined leaving the house without.” – Kirsten Kjaer Weis.

Old-Hollywood truly is the best description for this deep, warm red. It's incredibly elegant, while still sassy and gorgeous! The application for this lipstick is unlike any red lipstick I've ever worn...it's SO comfortable. Smooth and easy...no lipliner needed at all because this will not bleed on you! (SAY WHAT?! Crazy right!?) I'd say the finish of the lipstick is somewhat glossy upon first application, then it slowly dries to a satin finish. Of course, Kjaer Weis never skimps on luxurious packaging. The tube makes you feel like it's Christmas morning every time you look at it, let alone use it. With its sleek, weighty metal packaging, you're sure to inspire envy from all your gal pals. 


Ilia Lipstick in Ink Pot:

Ilia's Lipsticks are so versatile and have so many great shades! I specifically enjoy the fact that they were at the forefront of groundbreaking "organic" lipsticks that weren't muddy and drying. They were amongst the few natural/organic brands who paved the way to better lipsticks and cosmetics. I love the name of this one: Ink Pot...because the more you add and layer on the colour, the deeper and almost "inkier" it gets. It's a perfect violet hue that can be worn lightly as a subtle berry stain, or a vampy or in this case, "inky" lip at full intensity.



First off, because you just have to know... all of the Nu Evolution Glosses smell SO good! Like a sweet vanilla cake swirled with notes of chocolate. (I know..YOU NEED IT!) Secondly, the formula is so smooth, completely non-sticky and incredibly long-lasting. They're truly some of my favourite glosses!

Nu Evolution Lipgloss in Plum:

Not too keen on the intense, pigmented lipsticks? This gloss is going to be a must then! It's a purple/mauve semi-sheer shade that gives you the prettiest amount of colour and shine. I love wearing this on its own for the daytime, but it's beautiful over a deeper berry/mauve lipstick such as the Ilia Ink Pot!



Nu Evolution Lipgloss in Seduction

This one, Seduction, is a beautiful, vibrant, bold red with a matte finish. So perfect for a date night, or even just to spruce up a makeup look and give it a more polished edge.



Nu Evolution Lipgloss in Erotic: 

A luscious shimmery deep wine/purple gloss that not only looks divine, but smells it too! It's definitely a bit vampier than the rest of the glosses, but still a beautiful wearable gloss. If you really want to vamp it up, throw it over a mauve or berry lipstick.

Now you're ready to get out there and rock these shades this fall season! Which lipstick shades are you more inclined to wear? Let us know in the comments below, we love to hear from you!

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