Welcome a new contributor to the blog! Jenna Catherine is a Canadian beauty editor and blogger who we've been following for a while and we're so excited she'll be joining our blogging team to bring you makeup reviews and videos monthly. She's the beauty editor at Eluxe Magazine and has her own blog and YouTube channel, which you can check out too. Give her a warm, EcoDiva welcome and read on for her glowing review of our Fitglow Beauty lipsticks

Every once in a while, I fall in love with a product so much, that I want one in every colour. Just like a t-shirt that fits perfectly in all of the right places, we become obsessed and stock up. We have all done that right? Well this basically describes the scenario that unfolded after trying my first Fitglow Beauty lipstick.

No matter the occasion or look that I’m striving for, I find that Fitglow Beauty has a lipstick that suits it perfectly. From the lightest of nudes to the hottest of reds, there is a shade that will go with any outfit.

In all seriousness and glamour aside, the safety of what we are putting on our lips is of utmost concern. Millions of women put on lipstick every single day without ever considering what lurks inside the tube. Rest assured, Fitglow Beauty lipsticks are 95% certified organic, gluten free, and vegetarian friendly.

This special formula is vibrant, long lasting, and has amazing coverage. It’s smooth and creamy thanks to natural ingredients like organic shea butter, coconut oil, and jojoba oil.

If I had to pick one favourite thing about this lipstick formula, it’s the creaminess. It melts into the lips and fills in any fine lines. So very zen-like, the lipstick becomes one with my lips. Make sense? I feel like these lipsticks are magic on my lips, and actually make my lips look more youthful. They are the perfect amount of creaminess without travelling outside of the lip line.

After you try one of these lipsticks, you may find yourself collecting all 7 (like I did!), but if you are just starting out here are my top 3 must haves. 

  1. Mae paired with a neutral eye will bring a pop of colour without it being “too much.” It’s the perfect medium pink that will give you a fun, youthful appearance. A must have colour for Spring! (pictured above)
  1. Adore gives just the amount of depth and will work for any skin tone. One swipe will give a daytime appropriate light wash of colour. Layer it up for a more dramatic nighttime look.
  1. Love is the perfect red that every girl needs to have in her collection. From the fairest to darkest of skin tones, this colour is universally flattering. It’s bright and bold, and will turn heads wherever you may go!


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