There's so much love for a soft, feminine, romantic makeup look. Well, this is a favourite of mine that I've done time and time again and it's highly requested as far as how to go about recreating it. When it comes to makeup looks, you can define yourself in any way that you want. It's an expression of art, creativity and of course, it looks great! So, sit tight! I'm going to walk you through the steps of acheiving this flirty, rose–gold eye makeup, flushed cheeks and a soft, glossy lip. Let’s get started!

What I used for this eye/cheek/lip look:



Start by priming your entire eyelid with the Bio Correct. Dab a small amount onto your finger and dab on eyelids, blending it out evenly. I am "Fair" in this concealer. I love how this acts as a primer for your lids, but then doubles as undereye concealer. Two–in–one? Yes, please! Just be sure to apply your shadow quickly after buffing out the lid with the Bio Correctit works best that way.


Take your Sweet Canyon Palette and apply the first light pink shade to the left, as your eyeshadow base. Then, take Angelic and apply toward the inner mobile lid/corners of your eyelids. This ensures that you've got the prettiest soft pink shade on your eyelids, perfect for the base of your soon–to–be gorgeous rose-gold eye!


With alarge blending brush, pick up the burgundy/rose–gold shade in the middle of the Sweet Canyon Palette and apply it into the crease of your eye. With a smaller blending brush, take the same shade again and apply it into the crease to darken the color. You can go as dark or as soft as you want! The more you pack on, the more saturated and pigmented the crease colour/eye drama will be.


Eyeliner to give those eyes a bit more definiton! Take ILIA Beauty's My Generation Pure Eyeliner and apply it along the lashline, top and bottom. If you want, line your waterline too! The more liner, the more dramatic and bold your eyes will appear. Don't worry about the line being perfect, I like to take a q–tip or my finger and smudge/smoke it out a bit!



MASCARA! Pack it on ladies. Apply it however you like, for more intensity, layer it on. For a more subtle, natural look–less is key, of course. Hynt Beauty's Nocturne Mascara gives me those dramatic black lashes that are flirty, fluttery and gorgeous.


This is obviously entirely up to you...but sometimes when I do a more pigmented/intense eye, I like to apply my foundation after. This helps prevent any fallout from the shadows messing up my base! All you have to do if you have fallout is clean it on up with a makeup wipe and you don't risk ruining your flawless base. So, if you fancy that–try it out! I've been loving Nu Evolution's Complete Coverage Foundation for a beautiful matte finish!


Apply blush over your cheeks; use your rosiest shade for this. Like I mentioned above, I'm using Nu Evolution's Soho blush. It's a beaaautiful light rose blush, so it imparts a flushed, healthy appearance. Perfect!

After you’ve applied your blush, dab some of the Fitglow Hilight onto your fingers or use a fan brush and apply it at the top of your cheekbones, cupids–bow for a natural–looking, almost candle–lit glow.

 STEP 8:

Lips! My favourite part of any look! I went pretty subtle this time around...but anything that is soft, pink or rose-hued is perfect. Or, you could switch it up and do a more earthy, nude shade. It's all up to you! I have been trying out this Elde's Lip & Cheek Rush in Honeysuckle and I love how it feels! Completely hydrating, while protecting my lips and brightening up my complexion with a soft pale pink gloss. It's also free of any nasties such as perfume, essential oils, toxic chemicals, parabens and phenoxyethanol. It's even gluten free, cruelty free and vegan! I'll be making sure I snag the rest of these Lip & Cheek Rush shades stat!

Now that you've got your beautiful rosy-look on, a la green beauty...time to snap some pics and share with us! Tag #ecodivalovesyou for a chance to be featured on Eco Diva's Instagram! Also, if you're a fan of any other products in the shop that you use to achive a pretty, soft, rose-gold look, let us know in the comments below! :) 

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