Highlighters for A Summer Glow (Plus Swatches!)


There is no denying the whole "strobing" fad is the talk of the town, with highlighters and luminizers being key for accentuating your lovely facial features. Personally, I prefer a dewy, natural glow, but there are just so many products on the market that can achieve different levels of highlight, dewininess and that healthy, glow everyone strives for. These beautiful skin enhancing products not only add a more editorial look to your makeup, but have you seen their light–reflecting powers?! They'll give your skin a subtle and natural radiance or a more glamourous glow depending on how much you apply. No, not every product is right for you–many contain unsafe, harmful ingredients such as carcinogens! But don't worry, there are a fair amount of amazing, clean, and safe highlighters out there for you to indulge in and I'm here today to chat about some of my favorites highlighters for a summer glow. Read on for the summer glow makeup tutorial!

What happened to contouring you ask? Don't worry, we haven't forgotten about our beloved sister—I'm just loving this more "fresh" method to make your bone structure stand to attention. As a (big) rule of thumb—stay away from high quantities of glitter or shimmer! A soft sheen, pearlescent type of effect is typically enough for me, but you can always layer a cream with a powder highlight too. Just be careful to not overdo it, otherwise it can be too distracting and will not even photograph well. (We don't want to look sweaty and shiny!

Fool-proof Application: Apply these highlighters to the high planes of the face where light would naturally catch. So, your cheekbones, brow bones, cupid's bow, bridge of the nose and collarbones. Tip: If you have a rounder face, focus the attention away from the cheeks (as to not draw attention to your round facial shape even more) and aim for a higher cheekbone highlight. If your face is thinner and longer, then cheek highlight is fine if you dig that.



Highlighting powders are lovely, particularly for pictures, because they make it easy to control placement of highlight. I also love powders when I'm feeling particularly oily and a bit too dewy already. They matte skin out a bit, while still providing that gorgeous luminous finish.

Alima Pure's Highlighter in LuminaA soft, peachy shade (formerly known as "Luminous Shimmer Powder") that's just an all around winner and the highlight I use the most every day. Complete with an incandescent glow, this highlighter brightens and perks up your complexion. It is a powder though, so be sure to continue using powder products (blush, contour) if using this.


After foundation, take your highlighting brush (Alima makes some great ones that I use all the time for this, and for contouring too—just make sure to clean it in between uses) and apply to the cheekbones, bridge of the nose, cupids bow, inner corner of your eyes, shoulders and even collar bone. A little trick for attaining an even brighter/dewier look: apply a cream highlighter, then Lumina powder highlight on top—it really causes it to pop.


Ahhh, cream highlighters... the dew of all dews. The ultimate summer highlight–amazing if you want that wet, dewy, youthful look. I would say I reach for cream highlighters just as much as powder, mainly because I love using both of them if I want a more dramatic glow (as mentioned above, cream under the powder). But really, like most things, it depends on the situation and the look I'm going for. Some mornings when I wake up, wash my face and look in the mirror, I may feel like my skin looks kind of dull and blah. In that case, I'll opt for a cream or liquid highlighter. I will either apply it after my foundation is set, or I'll mix a bit in with my moisturizer/foundation for a dewy effect and some extra dimension.

W3ll People Bio Brightener Stick 

This was once called the Universalist Multi–Use Stick in Moonstone, but it underwent a name change. Either way, it's amazing and so versatile! This magical illuminzing stick is made up of 100% premium natural quality and organic aloe, along with other incredible ingredients. (W3LL PEOPLE doesn't mess around with their safe, clean ingredients!) This brightening stick lends to your skin a hydrated, radiant, happy and youthful appearance. The colour of this Bio Brightener isn't as pearly "white" as some highlighters can be. It's more of a dusty rose—which, to me, is just stunning for a more natural, flush makeup look. I adore how creamy and rich the formula of this stick is, but yet when applying it, it feels smooth, weightless and not at all heavy on the skin. It doesn't "sit" on the face either, it absorbs and really becomes one with your skin–another perk!


The stick makes it incredibly useful for easy application–just apply it to the high points of your face and anywhere else you'd like to accentuate, and get glowing!

Kjaer Weis Radiance Highlighter

I won't lie, at first, this cream highlighter seemed a bit too glittery for me. The colour, I was unsure of, and well...I just had to take a leap of faith here. I think what helped me the most is knowing that almost every KW product I'd ever tried worked beautifully on my skin. So, that being said, I went ahead and tried it out. I was not dissappointed, to say the least. This cream formula is perfectly smooth, and has the silkiest texture, imparting a summery “just kissed by the sun” finish to every skin tone. Yes, you read right—every skintone! Like all cream highlights, this too accentuates the cheekbones, nose, brow line and more, providing a subtle, youthful glow. The colour of this highlight is that of warm pearl, in turn, making it beautiful even as a cream eyeshadow or on top of a darker eyeshadow for a subtle, glowy finish.


I find that with any Kjaer Weis cream product, applying it with the warmth of my fingers is the best application. I don't mind using their awesome Foundation Brush either—all up to your preference!   

From L to R: Alima's "Lumina", FitGlow Beauty Mineral Cheek HiLIGHT (the duo swatched side by side), W3ll People's Bio Brightener Stick "Moonstone" and Kjaer Weis "Radiance" Highlighter.

There you have it! My top summer highlights! Do you have any favourites? Which do you prefer, cream or powder? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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