Winter is the time of long forgotten tans and new, accepting attitudes toward pale skin. Well, at least we try to be accepting of our faded complexions. Before we have enough time to even think about switching to lighter shades of blush, winter busts in and it seems almost overnight our bronzed skin is now an unflattering pallid. Alima Pure blushes will keep your skin looking radiant and people around you wondering how your face look so full of color while everyone else around you is succumbing to their pale, winter looks.

But how do you pick a color and finsih that's right for you? Says the Alima Pure Team, "In the winter months it is common for your skin to lighten a shade or two.  Besides the finding a new foundation for your winter complexion, you may want to consider a new blush as well. Choose a tone that is similar to your favorite shade, but a touch lighter. For warm skin tones lighter peach tones will aways flatter, and light petal pinks will enliven cool complexions."

  • Satin Matte Blush is a matte mineral blush in a range of natural shades tat define and highlight your cheeks with beautiful color. Try Mimosa for a peachy pink finish to perk up your cheeks while keeping a natural look.
  • Luminous Shimmer Blush is pure, luscious, and richly pigmented. Alima's Luminous Shimmer Blush provides natural luminosity while brightening your cheeks. Try Sahara for a touch of rose gold to brighten your winter woes.

What color blush do you gravitate towards for winter?

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