How to Turn Your Makeup Routine Into a Self-Care Ritual


If you haven’t already guessed, I love makeup. When purchasing makeup, nothing feels better than choosing products that are natural and environmentally friendly, and especially ones that perform for the look I’m trying to create. I am enamoured with the art and thought process that goes behind creating looks, using luxuriously clean makeup products, and I particularly covet the power makeup has to transform your beauty look. By creating simple makeup rituals, you have the ability to elevate your inner glow and radiant them from the inside out. Read on for how to turn your daily makeup routine into a self-care ritual in just a few easy steps.

First of all, I want to start off by saying we don’t need makeup to be beautiful; we just ARE beautiful. Makeup has the ability to complement your look, enhance your gorgeous features, and boost your confidence. The time I spend doing my makeup is sacred; it’s my creative outlet and is the time that I dedicate to me. Every day, I make sure to allow for enough time to perform my morning rituals. This consists of a simple five-minute natural skincare routine followed by an appropriate makeup application. Most mornings, I spend about 15 minutes doing my makeup. It’s important to note that when you are applying makeup, this is time that you are investing in yourself. Lately I’ve been using NU EVOLUTION Mascara and Allure Lipstickinto my daily makeup ritual.

Here are four simple guidelines to help change your makeup routine into a self-care ritual:

1 – Organized Makeup Station

How can you apply makeup thoughtfully and mindfully if you are living in makeup clutter? Create an organized area that is dedicated for your beauty products. Whether you store your cosmetics in a hall closet, bedroom, washroom, makeup vanity or another space in your home (areas are endless), this area should be easily accessible and organized so you know exactly where all your products are. Within an allocated space, get creative! Use trays, baskets and clear containers of a variety of sizes to hold your powders, shadows, lipsticks, blushes and more.

Use cute glass votives or plant pots to hold all your makeup brushes so you can grab them easily. Most importantly, organize your makeup by usage in these areas. Go through your products and figure out what you use daily, items used for special occasions, products you never use, duplicates, and lastly, products that can be tossed (aka expired or you don’t ever use)! Once your products are organized in their designated place, it gives you peace of mind so no product ever gets forgotten.

2 – Makeup Meditation

Treat your makeup application as a form of meditation and time that is devoted solely to you. That’s right —whatever amount of time you spend applying makeup should be uninterrupted, mindful and quality over quantity. During this time, I like to play soft music, close the door and read over my favourite poem ("The Summer Day" by Mary Oliver) that I have posted on my makeup table for inspiration. Or chant a mantra out loud or silently in your head as another way to honour this time you have dedicated to yourself. For example, “I am radiant, vibrant and dynamic”, “I support, love and accept myself unconditionally”, “I love myself, I love others and others love me” and/or “I love and accept myself. I am enough.” Through these daily affirmations, you will eventually shift your mindset to a more positive outlook and deeper love for yourself.

3 – Self Expression

Time dedicated to your makeup application is an artistic session spent with you and focuses on a form of self-expression that can so often go overlooked. For me, this consciously crafted time is imperative for my mind, body and soul. It gives me a creative outlet that allows me to let the makeup brush create works of art, leaving me feeling accomplished and satisfied. I believe that when we spend time applying makeup, it can help us build our confidence and fuel our inert creativity; we all have it! Learning practical, everyday makeup techniques empowers us to allow our natural beauty to shine and exude that inner glow. But more importantly, always remember to wear makeup because you want to! We are all busy, so it’s important to create quick and easy looks that suit your needs and personality.

4 – Green Beauty Products

As I expressed above, makeup application is a form of self-care, however there is another aspect that is complementary to this. The products we choose to buy and use is just as important. I believe in using clean, natural and organic makeup and skincare products that enhance and nourish our skin. Our body is a sacred temple that should avoid unnecessary toxins from daily regimens, while at the same time promote sustainability and ethical choices. As you experience the joy of using products that are natural, good for Mother Earth, and nourishing for your body, you empower yourself. You feel more confident in using organic, clean beauty products, knowing that the right brands not only are healthier for you, but they work! In turn, you feel more beautiful and enlightened by using products that you believe in and continue on your artistic, self-loving journey! For some of my favourite high-performing brands, I would suggest trying NU EVOLUTION Cosmetics, Fitglow Beauty, ILIA Beauty and Hynt Beauty. These products have always given me guaranteed results!

Once you’ve created a new set of beauty rituals, you are well on your way to having a more loving and positive relationship with yourself. And remember, whether the look you’re going for is a glowing complexion, bare face, sultry eyes, or a bold lip, wear it with positive intention and confidence. We all deserve to look and feel beautiful in our own skin. Ultimately, our individual self-care rituals are powerful tools in loving ourselves inside and out!

Peace + Love + Happiness, Ashley 

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