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With summer in full swing, most of us are opting for a flawless yet minimal makeup look, and I believe that's exactly what the sustainable, organic, luxury makeup line Kjaer Weis had in mind when they released their two latest luxury organic makeup products for this season. Curious about these new shades? Just keep on reading and be sure to watch my video demonstration, with swatches of the organic eyeshadow and organic cream blush. 

Kjaer Weis is a sustainable, organic, luxury makeup line that boasts some of the most beautiful makeup products that I have ever had the pleasure of using. When they announced the two newest products, I just knew that they would be must-haves.  

First is a cream blush in the shade Precious, which is the perfect peachy nude. An absolute must have if you have fair to medium skin tones. Precious gives the perfect sutle amount of colour, and it is almost impossible to go overboard with this blush. 

New to their eyeshadow collection is the shade Angelic, a light matte pink that blends beautifully all over the eyelid for a minimal amount of colour that still looks perfectly polished for summer. This shade also could be used in the crease of the eye to blend out other eyeshadows. Watch the video below to see how I applied Kjaer Weis Precious and Angelic

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