The Best of treat collection + tenoverten Vegan Nail Polish

There's something about having my nails done that makes me feel elegant and put together. They're the perfect accessory to complete a look and style! Growing up, I had a mom who meticulously took care of her beautiful, healthy nails weekly and she passed down that ritual to me.

But what I've learned as a makeup artist in the green  beauty world is that nail polish can be totally toxic. Its usual ingredients are harmful to our bodies and can contribute to everything from birth defects to allergies (read more about this in our Ask the Beauty Expert: The 8 Ingredients to Avoid in Nail Polish). So how can we still complete the manicure ritual without all the dangerous ingredients? Read on for my favorite polishes and why treat collection and tenoverten brands are must-haves for any EcoDiva.

It's great to have so many green beauty options these days that are allowing for us to enjoy nail color without the common risks associated with the highly toxic ingredients found in conventional nail polish. Brands like tenoverten and treat have created such wonderful collections and they have eliminated most of the risky chemicals from them. The most common concern I hear as an organic beauty consultant from people is that they are afraid that these cleaner brands won't work as well, or that they'll chip or peel away quickly. I'm happy to share that these brands perform equally well if not better.

You may have heard the terms, “5 free," "7 free" and "8 free” and wondered what it means. This type of label means that the particular nail polish is free of the top 5, 7 or 8 toxic ingredients commonly found such as formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate and toluene that are known carcinogens. Brands like tenoverten and treat make it easy for the modern day woman who wants to rock a great manicure minus the toxins.

Nail Polish

The tenoverten 8-free brand has become a staple in my nail polish arsenal. This brand was born in the Tribeca neighborhood of New York in 2011 and has since become a fan favourite in the green beauty world. There's a wonderful array of bright, rich and neutral colors to choose from with new fresh colours always being added. I particularly love the nude soft tones like Murray.

I like how smoothly the nail polish applies and the consistency it has. The color lasts for a good 5-7 days when I use base and top coats. No matter how clean a product is it needs to perform and work in order to use it repeatedly and this brand meets that standard and goes above with durability, color selection and various effective nail treatments.


Using treat collection, which is a 5-free nail care and cosmetics brand based out of Belgium and L.A. has been nothing but a treat to use! The nail polish package it comes in is chic with a heavy glass bottle and luxurious golden tops, but it isn't too over the top.

With 66 colours in the whole collection, you will have more than enough choices to use year round as your preference and mood changes. The best feature hands down for me was how quickly the nail polish dried. As a busy mom I don't have time to wait for my nails to dry, so having it dry in less than 10 minutes is fabulous and perfect for last minute touch ups. It lasts me throughout my busy week without chipping or peeling and has a nice brush for easy application.

Nail Polish Remover

I have finally found a gentle nail polish remover that doesn't smell badly and gets the job done with the treat's gentle Soy Based Polish Remover. Unlike other smelly acetone based removers that can dry out your nails and cuticles and are highly flammable, this is a natural, soy-based formula that is enriched with argan and vitamins A, C and E. It gives my nails and cuticles a good dose of hydration and has a lovely scent. I have tried some other remover gels and solutions that simply did not work and left my hands sticky and messy, but this remover worked right away with just a small amount and left no mess.

There's no reason why we can't have gorgeous healthy nails when brands like these provide beautiful, safe and effective alternatives. Polish those fingers and toes away ladies, EcoDiva has you covered!




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