W3LL PEOPLE Colored Mascara Review With Swatches

Mascara is a staple product amongst us women. I don’t know many ladies who can say that they never ever wear mascara—unless mascara irritates sesitive eyes. And if that's the case, I have great news for you! Nontoxic mascara can be your new BFF (like it is mine). I mean, something beautiful happens when you coat your lashes with a lovely lengthening, thickening and volumizing mascara.

Now think of swiping those beautiful lashes with a wash of colour! Not only will it play up your natural eye colour, but your irises will look more vivid and bright. So, let's check out the gorgeous new Pro Mascaras W3LL PEOPLE came out with and see just how fun and fresh they can make your summer makeup look!

You might already be familiar with mineral makeup line W3LL PEOPLE's series of Expressionist Mascara. The hyper pure mineral pigments in their black mascara alone, create bold, highly defined, luxurious lashes. There are no nasties in the mascara either! No harsh artificial chemicals, petroleum derivatives that typically irritate sensitive eyes and they're 100% cruelty–free, petroleum–free, paraben free, gluten–free, coal tar–free, aluminum–free, fiber–free and clump–free! I mean...they're really the whole package!

So, to expand their series of Expressionist Mascaras, they've recently included Pro Blue, Pro Brown and Pro Purple. Don't worry though: The coloured mascaras are equally as safe as the original black, and they nourish your lashes with a synergistic botanical blend. That's what I'm talkin' about!

Let's take a peek at what the Pro Blue and Pro Purple did for my lashes, and how they played up my eye colour. I naturally have brown eyes–that's it. They're just brown. W3LL PEOPLE's beauty guidelines suggest that purples and plums will make blue or green eyes look more vivid and vibrant, while blue mascara will bring out the gold highlights in brown or hazel eyes. And then, of course the Pro Brown formula works for everyone, and is simply a softer option than black. I love using brown when my makeup look is more earthy and softer. It's also rumoured to help you look younger and fresher–yes please!

First and foremost, I always make sure to curl my lashes before I apply any mascara. Why, you ask? Well, for me, it's like the necessity of stretching before working out–it just makes the process easier and the outcome better. Your lashes will be longer, wider and that more "awake" look you're after? You'll get it! So, grab your favourite lash curlers and go to town! Once you've curled them, I like to brush through them a bit with a lash brush. FitGlow Beauty has a great one in their Vegan Brush Set!

Next, let the high tech brush design on the Expressionist Mascara tube will go to work! They've got injection molded rubber and a unique cascade shape, which will help separate the thinnest, shortest and hard–to–reach lashes. Plus, the wand delivers the perfect amount of product every swipe–which makes building colour a breeze! Oh, and it's great for tight lining too! Just get as close to the lash roots as possible and gently press the wand on the waterline. Voila!

Pro Blue: This colour of mascara had to be the most visible on my lashes. The colour of blue is bright, vivid and beautiful! Because of my brown eyes, it definitely did bring out the gold in my eyes–they seemed brighter and almost wider! The formula is so great on these mascaras... there was no fallout, and my lashes looked longer than ever. I mean, I did put like 10 coats of it on my lashes though–in order to really get that bold blue payoff. And I just really love applying a ton of mascara for those striking, "wowza" lashy looks.

Pictured above: My right eye with four coats of the Pro Blue

Pro Purple: As much as the blue is vivid and showed the most on my lashes, I loved this purple mascara. Something about it is special. It actually made the pink/rose gold eyeshadow looks I had on really "pop" way more than I imagined! Of course, I had to apply even more coats on my lashes to really see this purple, but it was worth it. I think it's beautiful and subtle enough to get away with on an everyday basis. It's a bit more bold than brown, but softer than black... and it has a bit more of an edge. I'm all about it!

Pictured above: My left eye with many, many coats of the Pro Purple

I highly recommend these W3LL PEOPLE Expressionist Mascara if you're trying to brighten up a look, or are in the market for a mascara that is safe for sensitive eyes, lengthens and conditions your lashes, contains clean ingredients and has some fun colours to play around with!

Look at how long my lashes are! 


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