Why You Should Use Watermelon In Your DIY Beauty

During the summer, it’s every where you turn–at the beach, on the menu at your favorite restaurant, atop picnic tables, or featured at your local juice bar. Whether it’s frozen, juiced, scooped, diced or sliced, watermelon is everywhere in all its red and green glory. The addictively sweet and juicy fruit is known for its ability to refresh and hydrate on those scorching hot summer days, but what about the role it can play in repairing and protecting your skin?

What Makes Watermelon So Healthy

Characterized by its green skin with yellow stripes, red flesh and flat black seeds, watermelon belongs to the same family of plants that grown on vines, such as pumpkin and cantaloupe. While they are available worldwide throughout the year, they are at their peak flavor during the summer. Everyone knows they are super hydrating, but here are a few more facts that you might not have known.


  • contain only 6% sugar
  • contain 92% water
  • are rich in vitamins A, B and C
  • contain the powerful antioxidant lycopene 
  • are a great source of dietary fiber 


Watermelon For Skincare

We know that hydration is the first step to achieving glowing healthy skin, so while watermelon is doing its job from the inside, it can also benefit your skin when applied externally.

For sun-damaged skin

What could be more appropriate than a summer fruit for a summer ailment? Since I typically wear a hat and layers upon layers of sunscreen, I’ve never suffered from sunburn, but we’ve all had one of those days where, despite our best efforts to protect our skin from the sun, we end up taking in a few more rays that expected. For those occasions, watermelon combined with skin savior aloe is the perfect combo. The hydrating effect of the watermelon combined with the anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties of aloe can soothe minor sunburn and reduce the adverse effects of sun exposure. Simply combine a 50-50 mixture of fresh watermelon juice and chilled aloe vera gel/water. Soak cotton pads in the solution, and transfer them to your face. Leave the pads on your skin for 15 minutes, remove, rinse and pat dry.  

For dry skin

When we are dehydrated, skin can appear dry and dull.  An effective and simple treatment to keep your skin looking revived and aglow requires only two ingredients: watermelon and avocado. Vitamin C brightens the skin and promotes cell turnover, while the omega-3 fatty acids in the avocado provide a deep moisturizing treatment. Combine 1 generous tablespoon of fresh watermelon juice with 1 tablespoon of avocado and apply to your face for 20 minutes; rinse and pat dry.  


For irritated or acne-prone skin

When your skin is irritated, don’t panic; you probably already have one of the ingredients to treat it in your fruit bowl. Banana contains vitamins B2, B6 and B12, which help reduce inflammation, while watermelon adds oil-free moisture to the mix. Combine equal parts of these two ingredients, apply to your face for 10 minutes; rinse and pat dry. 

So on the rare occasion that you have leftover watermelon, now you know what to do with it.  Just remember, as refreshing as it is on the inside, it’s just as hydrating and rejuvenating on you skin.


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