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It's time again for Behind the Beauty, where we give you a look behind the scenes of one of our newest luxury beauty brands. Today we're chatting with Gianne Doherty of Organic Bath Co., the latest addition to the EcoDiva family. She opens up about her own skin issues, why it's so important to give back and how she's totally not a morning person. Read on (and scroll all the way down to the bottom for a special gift from OBC for the month of May!).

Tell us the origin story of Organic Bath Co.

A few years ago, when my skin began reacting (by way of hives!) to mainstream lotions I had been using, my boyfriend Jay and I ended up making a pure, unscented, shea butter-based body butter for me that my skin still loves to this day. As I learned more about the personal care industry and its lack of regulation, the more determined I was to make safe products for myself and family and friends. Organic Bath Co. began out of necessity with that shea butter-based body butter (now known as Drenched), and we’ve donated a portion of our proceeds to charity since day one!

What makes OBC stand out in the world of clean beauty?

There are a lot of amazing clean beauty companies out there that share our commitment to using the best certified organic and natural ingredients. Growing up with a father in the diplomatic services, I’ve been fortunate enough to live all over the world. My exposure to different landscapes, cultures and people really formed my world view, and as a result, how we source Organic Bath Co. ingredients is something very close to my heart. We take things a step further with our ethical supply chain with our Direct Trade and Fair Trade certified ingredients. Both our scrubs and body butters use more than 60% Fair Trade Certified ingredients. We want to make sure that the farmers and cultivators of our ingredients are paid a fair wage for the hard work that they do.

What is your prescription for health?

I have two: Laugh, and always put your own oxygen mask on first! We all have busy lives and different stresses; some are in our control and some are not. I try hard to find the humor in things and to laugh often. It makes most things easier! I am also a firm believer in taking care of yourself. Think about when you fly and the flight attendants remind you to put your own oxygen mask on before you help others with theirs. This is great advice for life! If you are depleted physically, emotionally or spiritually, you cannot be as good of a partner, girlfriend, sister, parent, etc. to those whom you love most. Take a minute to care for you, first. My hope is that our products help people carve out daily time for themselves to do just that.

Do you have a favorite ingredient? What do you love about it?

I’m currently having a love affair with passion fruit oil, which is in our Enhance Face Oil. It’s loaded with vitamin A and potassium to nourish skin and keep it healthy. It’s also a natural antibacterial, so it works wonders on acne prone skin. And, because it’s anti-inflammatory, it helps calm even sensitive skin. What’s not to love?

Are there any secret uses of OBC product we should know about?

If there are every a few drops left of Enhance Face Oil, I use it to smooth out the ends of my hair. It adds shine and the soft scent of jasmine.

What inspires you?

Travel, beach, tribe. Travel inspires me in so many ways. I grew up living in over five countries and the love of travel has stayed with me. I love discovering new places, cultures and food. I am a true summer baby and am happiest at the beach: The smell of salt air, the feel of the ocean breeze on my face and my feet in the sand is my favorite. It eases whatever could be ailing me! Also, I’m constantly inspired by my “tribe”—positive people and dear friends who uplift me, who are there for me and who make me feel like my best self.

How do you power up in the morning? How do you get energized?

Truthfully, I am not a morning person at all! I am much more of a “sunset person” than I am a “sunrise person.” Despite that, our dog Bruschi ensures that our days typically start with a wagging tail and a brisk walk.

Do you have a personal mantra? What is it?

“Carpe Diem.” It’s something that my parents taught me. To be honest, it can get a bit annoying when you are a teenager trying to sleep in, but as an adult it comforts me. It reminds me that each day is a new start. Not only seize the day, but make the most of the day!

How do you unwind at the end of the day? How do you relax?

I’ve always loved candles and have always had them in my home. Lighting candles for me is one of my evening rituals. That’s when the laptop is closed and I take some time to read or enjoy a bath. An absolute indulgence of mine is lighting some candles, turning off all the bathroom lights and playing my “bathtub music” playlist and soaking.


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