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It's that time again: We're letting you into the behind-the-scenes of our favorite beauty brands with our Behind the Beauty series. This time, we're peeking into the brain of the creator of Plume Science, the lash and brown growth serum that is being raved about from far and wide. It's a natural way to get lush, full lashes and brows, and we can't wait to introduce you to founder Lauren Bilon. Read on for her top beauty picks, plus the story of how she started Plume Science!

Tell us the origin story of Plume.

After the birth of my daughter, I had the misfortune of losing my eyelashes and a lot of my hair. To try to grow my lashes back, I tried a prostaglandin-based lash serum that, while effective in bringing my lashes back, also caused some major unwanted side effects including turning my eyelids purple.

Needless to say, I had to stop using that product, however, after the effects wore off, I was back at square one with literally no lashes. This took me next to the good ol' glue-on false lashes which also turned out to be a fiasco. After getting the glue in my eye, I wound up with a pretty severe eye infection that required a lengthy course of antibiotics (throw arms up in air).

It was at that point that I decided to look for a way to address my eyelash situation naturally. With some research, I realized there wasn’t anything commercially available that was both natural and truly effective. So I started on the journey of inventing it myself! The project began with me compiling natural ingredients with known potential for hair and lash growth. Between my own experimentation and the expertise of a master cosmetic chemist, it developed within two years from my little kitchen project to the safe and effective formula that is now shipping all over the world. 

What’s the most challenging thing about being a small business owner?

For me, the main challenge lies in balancing time with my family while prioritizing business tasks. Life at Plume is always very fast-paced and exciting but I always make time to slow down and spend quality time with my two kids and my husband – working together to achieve the same goal really helps with that. 

What is the hero ingredient of your formulation? Why does it work? How does it work? 

Coleus Forskohlii Root Oil is the hero ingredient – its interaction with other supporting ingredients is the subject matter of the patent that is pending around our formulation. The coleus has two main functions in the serum: 

  • Coleus and castor oil work together to increase the length of time the follicle spends in the anagen (growth) phase of the lash cycle.
  • Coleus works with the other keratinocyte growth stimulators (coltsfoot flower extract, Quina bark extract, yarrow extract, Indian cress extract, and water cress extract) to speed up the rate that early stage follicles come back by shortening the telogen (late-resting/falling out phase).

Other ingredients such as honey extract and aloe vera work to lock in keratin, moisture and other nutrients which support the health and thickness of the lash as it grows.

What passions do you have outside of working on your line?

I love being creative in the kitchen! Before Plume, I was actually looking at launching a protein dessert company with delicious but healthy treats. I really enjoy playing around with flavors and experimenting with different ingredients to develop tasty recipes that are also easy on the waistline.

I love lifting weights and though I’m not a fan of generic cardio, I do really enjoy hiking in the mountains and bike riding with the kids.

What are your top three must-have beauty products that you can shop at EcoDiva Beauty?

For skin, I love the Kypris Moonlight Catalyst serum – the smell is almost euphoric and it makes my skin feel fantastic. I also love the May Lindstrom Honey Mud Cleansing Silk – it is so luxurious and my skin feels amazingly soft after I use it.

For makeup, I love the ILIA Beauty lip line, they have some gorgeous colors and very luxurious formulas. My nickname is ‘lips’ because I’m all about the vibrant lip — I like to combine many different colors to get truly unique shades!

What’s your beauty philosophy?

For me, beauty is really about the long-term – if you take the time to nurture the health of your skin, your hair, your nails, and your eyelashes(!), you can create that beautiful canvas to build upon.

Beauty in my mind, begins with your skin – I’m religious about exfoliation; I always make it a priority to maintain the health of my skin. I also recently discovered face oils and they have really changed my skin. I feel like lots of women are afraid to use oils on their face but the results are truly amazing. Also, it can’t be said enough - the one undeniable ingredient to glowing skin is water. And SPF! Rain or shine! Protect what you have to create and keep beautiful, healthy skin as you age.   

How can we be more conscious to make change in the beauty industry?

Ultimately, there is very little regulation in terms of safety testing or ingredient standards in the beauty industry – this makes it very difficult for consumers to feel confident in the products they are using. As responsible beauty companies, and also as consumers, our role is to help push for higher ingredient standards, more rigorous testing requirements, and stricter regulations so that beauty and cosmetics manufacturers have to be accountable for the products they are creating.

There are some fantastic resources available to consumers to help them make informed choices and also to get involved in the clean beauty revolution. Organizations like Think Dirty, Environmental Working Group (and Skin Deep), and Safe Cosmetics are all doing great things to provide knowledge, moderate products, and work for change in the industry.

Thank you so much for sharing, Lauren! EcoDivas: Try the Plume serum for yourself this month! 


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