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Hi, Divas! Welcome back to our Behind the Beauty series where you get an insider's look at what goes on behind the scenes of a luxury green beauty brand. Today, we're introducing you to Norwegian skincare line founder Vemund Eldegard of ELDE Cosmetics. Our editorial manager has been in love with this brand for a couple of years, and when they reformulated their whole line to incorporate even more botanical actives, we jumped at the chance to add them to our repertoire. Blending science and nature is the line's passion. ELDE's ingredient philosophy takes skincare to a new level, based on three years of research. It is no longer just about being basic, simple and modern. It's about drawing new lines, finding new formulas and delivering pure luxury. Read on for all the inside scoop and find out how you can get a FREE vegan, gluten-free lip color from the brand in August 2016!

Tell us the origin story of ELDE, and give us a little insight about the recent relaunch.

In Norway there where not many natural and organic brands when we started in 2012. I started ELDE with the inspiration from Norwegian nature and minimalism. We wanted to create a line with clinical effects, and products with a large amount of active high-end technology, while still being safe for sensitive skin. The relaunch is the best blend of science and nature, with inspiration from the old line in a chic and elegant luxurious way and packaging. 

What’s the most challenging thing about being a small business owner?

The most challenging thing about being a small business owner is handling mostly everything yourself. Luckily with the relaunch of ELDE, our team has grown from one to six. I still do most marketing, international sales and customer relations myself – but I love it.

 What is the hero product of your new launches and formulations?

Our hero product must be the fantastic Eye Cream with neuro technology derived from Griffonia Simplicifolia. It tightens, lifts and smooths the under eye area. The peptides we use also helps to refine fine lines and wrinkles fast and easy by building collagen.

Not many beauty brands have a skincare and a color cosmetic line. What inspired you to create such diversity?

I wanted to firstly make a line of high-quality skincare to improve the texture, feeling and glow of your skin. The products needed to follow strick rules in manufacturing to end up with high-quality textures of the products. Not many skin care lines avoid essential oils for those who are sensitive, but we choose to do that. The ELDE Lip & Cheek Rushes highlight and improve your glow fast and easy, and are a perfect suppliment to add to your make-up routine. We sure want to keep adding cool innovative color products to our collection throughout the year.

What are your top three must-have beauty products that you can shop at EcoDiva Beauty?

I love the May Lindstrom The Jasmine Garden Botanical Mist, and use it with ELDE Lipid Serum. ILIA Balmy Rays, don't forget to protect your lips. Kahina Beldi Soap smells so good.

What do you do for fun outside of your work setting?

I love to travel. Would love to see the US and Canada some time soon, maybe this fall. I also love to exercise and do yoga.

What’s your beauty philosophy?

I tend to choose minimalistic but hard working products. Targeted ingredients for targeted issues. I started using anti-aging products early, especially around the eye area. I read all ingriedient labels, and I tend to stay away from many cosmetic ingredients. I created a list of “Banished Ingredients” early on before we started ELDE. It features all ingrediensts that I will never put on my body.

If you could share one piece of advice for holistic living, what would it be?

Those who know me knows I started ELDE to fight my own teenage skin issues with acne back in 2009. The main source to solving this problem for me ended up being natural and high-potency products, clean green eating with lots of vitamins from iHerb, a positive and calm mind.

Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful vision and line, Vemund. Ok, Divas, your turn: Through August 2016, you can get a FREE Lip & Cheek Rush in Opaque, a lovely orangey nude with pink undertones that you can use on lips or to give yourself a slight blush. Just spend $100 on the line and we'll automatically add it to your order! Shop away! #ecodivalovesyou

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