Celebrate Our Third Birthday With a Beauty Gift

It's EcoDiva's THIRD birthday and International Women's Day and we want to celebrate with you, our most valuable and beautiful asset. Read on for a little inside scoop on birthday festivities and beauty deals for you!

Dear EcoDiva,

Can you believe it's been THREE years since the birth of our luxury green beauty website? We're elated—and we want you to know that it's because of YOU that we've made it this far. You've been there with us, supporting ethical beauty and sustainable business practices, giving back to the planet and joining us in a beauty revolution. Thank you for being with us on this journey, for choosing to vote with your dollars and for helping us to change the industry in a positive, long-lasting way.

The EcoDiva Team

EcoDiva gives back with every purchase to the Global Fund for Women, because they are helping to shape a world in which significant community and global resources are mobilized and directed at promoting gender equality and social change. They believe in putting money directly into the hands of women’s groups working for human rights and social change—action that will achieve justice and transform systems, institutions and cultures that are at the root of injustice. GIVE BACK WITH US.




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