How to Soothe Red, Irritated Skin in 3 Steps

One of the most frequently asked questions I get (aside from blemish control or pigmentation concerns) always falls into the lap of red, irritated and sensitive skin. So, let's break down the red, shall we?

Red and irritated skin tends to be related to multiple factors.

  1. Genetics
  2. Environmental allergies ie: sun, wind and temperature changes.
  3. Stress
  4. Food and alcohol
  5. Makeup and skincare products  


Skin that looks constantly in the zone of pink to red and flushed usually is a skin that is affected by rosacea, which can be a difficult skin concern to treat. If left untreated with the special care and attention that it needs, it creates many unwanted skin issues. These problematic results often form into thickening of the skin on the nose, red bumps and blemishes, and dilated capillaries that are visible beneath the surface of the skin. Skin that errs more on the red side is usually one of the most sensitive skin types that I have ever seen. One wrong product can devastate the appearance and cause the most uncomfortable allergic reactions.

What's the fix? Let's start with a few tried and true skincare products that calm and protect redness prone skin types in 3 easy steps. 

1. Fitglow Calm Cleansing Milk:
This cleanser is so special! It is a creamy, milky white cleanser that is free from any water. It will protect sensitive skin by enveloping the surface of the skin with its oil-based ingredients. Sunflower and olive derived oils are two of the main players that clean the dirt and debris out of the pores without stripping the much needed lipids that are so essential to maintaining, calm, balanced and healthy skin. I personally love how the aroma of rose, lavender and cucumber pacify the senses and give the presence of true self care.

This is a cleanser not to be rushed through, but one to spend a little time with. A little pump of the product mixed with tepid water and massaged in gentle circular motions on your face and neck will do the job. I promise you will feel so calm and your skin will reflect that inner peace too. Also, when you rinse or wash your face with water, make sure you use tepid water to cool water to keep the capillaries small and not distend out to the surface. Pat dry with an uber soft towel too—no rubbing here!

2. Isa’s Restoratives / Elixir I Soothe:
Another water-free product that is chock full of healing and skin soothing ingredients. One of my favorite ingredients in this hydrosol toner is colloidal silver. Not only is it highly anti-inflammatory, but colloidal silver is also extremely important in battling microbic bacteria which resides on rosacea-like skin types. The other ingredients (calendula, clary sage, lavender and aloe vera) all work seamlessly to promote calm skin. White tea, wasabi and others fight free radicals to keep the skin’s barrier strong, preventing cellular breakdown and inflammation caused by environmental factors. You may feel a slight, hardly noticeable tingle on your skin when using the spritzer. It goes away within a few minutes, and your skin feels oh so fresh.

3. Edible Beauty Australia & Cocoa Bliss Intensive Repair:
Red, inflamed, sensitive skin will love, absolutely love, the soothing agents in this multi-tasking skincare product! Use it as a mask overnight while you catch up on z's or use it as an intense hydrating moisturizer day or night. It is a dense, yet whipped, creamy consistency. The honeysuckle extracts combined with rose geranium, and hyacinth enfolds the senses in a luxurious and calming treatment.
Very few products can claim they boost collagen production like this one. Collagen is not only great for the appearance of youthful, firm skin, but it also shows how healthy and strong skin is. The right amount of collagen in your skin is able to combat irritants and protect the skin to prevent further damage that causes the inflamed skin legions and redness. This product is also filled with B vitamins, which greatly benefit our anti-redness protocol. The B vitamins are so rich in this cream that it can help repair the look of broken capillaries, and instantly soothe red, inflamed and rosacea skin types.

As a helpful tip, less is more to combat redness in your skin. Protect and treat it now, and your skin will reward you again and again. A calm, healthy glow is now within reach.

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