Do You Know What's In Your Shampoo?

We've all, at some point in time, used a shampoo to wash our hair. It's essential for our hygeniene, keeping our locks shiny, healthy and, most of all clean! But do we know what's IN our shampoos? In 2013, there was a story that gathered a lot of attention pertaining to the toxic ingredients in shampoo products. It was revealed by The Center for Environmental Health (CEH) that there were cancer–causing chemicals used as a thickening or foaming agent..not found in one, but 98 shampoos, soaps and other personal care products. Cocamide diethanolamine (cocamide DEA) is the foaming agent, a chemically modified version of coconut oil. So began the lawsuits from CEH against California companies whose products contained the toxic ingredient, without a warning label, which was required by the state's consumer protection law.

All this to say, some of you may be asking how to actually acheive clean hair without a ton of lather and froth? It is possible, and there are even natural shampoos that lather naturally..but you definitely want to avoid the shampoos that contain chemicals that make them fizzy and frothy, making you think you're getting in the best hair cleanse of your life. Some common chemicals to look out for, found in foaming agents are: Sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium laureth sulfate–they're almost always in commercial shampoos. They're additives that are basically harsh detergents, and they work to pull the (good) oils from your hair and dry it out. Ain't nobody got tie for a dry, nasty scalp! I mean, aren't we trying to get away from that? Another variation is ammonium lauryl sulfate–it contains similar properties. Long story short, your hair will be left dull, lifeless, dry and just not at ALL what you envisioned going into this. You know what's even scarier? There are some studies suggesting that if absorbed through the skin these chemicals could be carcinogenic. We all know that if you're lathering your head with toxic shampoo, it's getting on your shoulders, running down your back as it's washed's definitely being absorbed into your skin. Oh, and it doesn't stop there! There are more factors to take into account with shampoo ingredients: parabens, dimethicones, polyethelyne glycol (PEG), fragrances...all of which can be endocrine distrupters, asthma inducing, cancer causing and so much more.

So, let's chat about the upsides to using a natural, clean shampoo! First off, you won't have any of the chemicals written that's a win already! Secondly, your hair will feel and better yet, look amazing and healthy. With brands such as Dr. AlkaitisLOVEFRESH and Yarok, we're taking natural haircare to the next level!

Yarok's FEED YOUR MOISTURE would have to be a personal pick for an awesome shampoo! It's a luxurious, naturally foaming shampoo blended with organic and all natural herbs, flowers, vitamins, minerals and essential oils that visibly hydrates and restores your hair. Yarok, which means "green" in Hebrew, also give back to the Pachamama Alliance, in support of protecting 10 million acres of rainforest in the Amazon. Keeping the heart of the Amazon Rainforest pristine and free of senseless oil drilling–I love that!


This creamy, moisture–rich shampoo made from Vitamin Infused Water and Organic Fair Trade African Black Soap works! It also doesn't strip your hair it of its own natural oils, it actually infuses it with the earth’s most hydrating, detoxifying and restorative oils, including Argan, Organic Coconut and Organic Hemp Seed.

Not only does it work wonders on your lovely locks, but it's aroma is intoxicating! It's a blend of Organic Herbal Extracts of Orange, Ylang Ylang and Rosemary. Another plus side to Yarok's products is that every one of their products meets 100% of vegan requirements, and is free of alcohol, parabens, sulfates and animal cruelty, which few haircare lines can claim.


Once I wet my hair, I pour a bit into my hand, work it into a good lather and massage my scalp. Don't forget to rinse well!

It doesn't end there ladies! Yarok is also the creator of other awesome hair products such as FEED YOUR SHINE, an amazing and quite intensely moisturizing hair serum/treatment is made up of organic and all–natural minerals, vitamins, essential oils and antioxidants.


It conditions and brings out your hairs best sheen. It also deeply penetrates hair and scalp, absorbing quickly and enhancing hair's shine. When used on wet hair, it protects hair from heat damage. On dry hair, it brings out highlights and smoothes ends. As a moisturizing treatment on strands and scalp, it helps balance oiliness and reduce skin irritations like dandruff and eczema. (It kind of does it all!)


I love to use it whenever I'm heat styling my hair. I apply 1–2 drops to the palm of my hand. I then rub my palms together and apply it to my hair before I style it. It adds shine and contrast! 



Last, but not least, we've got their FEED YOUR STYLE Dry Shampoo (seen below is the travel size). We all know that annoying feeling of semi–dirty hair...we need to wash it, but we don't want to wash it...we're out and about and we need a quick little spruce up! I'm preachin' to myself here. But thankfully there's this lovely dry shampoo, with some amazing ingredients, such as: Organic Arrowroot Tapioca, Organic Aloe Vera and French Green Clay.


Revives volume, refreshes your hair and style in between washings, draws out excess oils and toxins, and it makes you look (and feel) more put together. ;) The Organic starch and Organic Arrowroot Tapioca powder absorb excess oils in the hair, while Organic Aloe Vera Leaf Powder and French Green Clay Powder heal, restore, de–frizz, detoxify and revive the volume of your hair, from scalp to ends.



I shake it well before I use it. Then, I tap a small amount directly onto my hair. I honestly don't measure the distance, but I'd say maybe from a distance of two to five inches. Let it sit for about two minutes, then comb or tousle through. It's also great to use for added texture, right after you blowdry!

After all this hair talk, I'm sure you're wanting to see my healthy tresses! 
Glad to report that I've got a happy head of healthy, shiny hair! ;) Clean, organic and all natural shampoos are the If you haven't tried out the green route for shampoo and other haircare...well, what better time than now?!
There are many more wonderful haircare products Yarok creates, definitely have a look for yourself! Have your tried this line of haircare? Are there any specific products by them that you love? We'd love to know in the comments below! xo
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