Earth Day Beauty Picks From Jessica Morse of Bare Beauty

Welcome Jessica Morse, founder of Bare Beauty, to the EcoDiva blog! We've swooned over Jessica before, as her Southern charm and sophisticated style so represents the core of being an EcoDiva. Leading up to Earth Day, Jessica is sharing her favorite Earth-friendly picks from our shop. Read on to see what she's currently loving!

Skeptics may ask, what does Earth Day have to do with skincare and beauty products?  The answer: Everything. With the average American woman (and there are more than 63,000,000 of us!) using at least 12 of these products every day, it is important to remember that the ingredients in these products reach further than our bodies. They can end up in our water supply, our soil, our breastmilk. I’ve always admired EcoDiva’s dedication to the environment and sustainability, and they carry many of my favorite product lines that share those same values.

Argan oil has become a very trendy ingredient in the last decade, and for good reason. With more vitamin E than olive oil, a host of fatty acids, squalene and antioxidant polyphenols, Argan oil has proven to be very effective in improving skin elasticity and tone, minimizing fine lines and soothing inflammation. However, not all Argan oil is created equal. Kahina Giving Beauty goes the extra mile to source Moroccan Argan oil that is certified organic and fair-trade. This also ensures that the Berber women who extract the oil from the argan nuts are compensated adequately and treated fairly. I frequently recommend Kahina’s Argan oil to readers who want to keep their skincare routine minimal and economical, but also luxurious and effective. I also love it for my hair; it really revitalizes dry ends.

Bottega Organica’s Body Contour Formula feels so luxurious, and sinks right into my skin; it is one of my all-time favorite body oils. The key ingredient? Olive oil. But, make no mistake—this is definitely not the equivalent to using store-bought olive oil on your skin! Most of Bottega Organica’s products are made in small batches on the founder’s farm in Liguria, Italy, which has been in the family for over 500 years (pesticides have never been used there). All the organic and wildcrafted herbs present in their formulas are harvested on-site and then alchemized with their own olive oil. This pure oil is made from perfectly ripened olives that are cold-pressed on the same day that they’re harvested, allowing the oil to retain its powerful anti-aging properties. This product line fully embodies the term “farm to face."

When I want a guaranteed good hair day, I use Rahua’s Shampoo and Conditioner. The shampoo provides a decent lather that is hard to find in natural shampoos, and the conditioner is light and rinses easily, moisturizing my ends just enough. My hair looks full and shiny, and it’s all due to a rare Amazonian oil called Rahua (pronounced “rah-wah”). Women from Amazonian nations such as Waorani, Achuar, Quichua, Quechua and Shuar have been using this oil  for centuries, believing it to promote shiny, thick hair (I’m pretty sure they were on to something). In the 1990s, renowned New York stylist and colorist Fabian Lliguin, a native Ecuadorian of Quechua descent, went back to his homeland and was let in on the secret. Since then, not only has he created an entire haircare line based on this magical ingredient, he has dedicated himself to do so sustainably so as to protect the Amazon rainforest and its inhabitants.

I love the way false (synthetic) lashes look, but even for big events, I often skip them because they feel so heavy, and they aren’t biodegradable. I’ve heard that mink lashes are more comfortable and look real, but that just seems cruel, and so unnecessary. Battington Lashes has filled a void in the falsie market, and I hopped right on their bandwagon. These 100% pure silk, hand-made lashes look real, and they’re cruelty-free (the silkworms are lovingly cared for and not harmed) and light as a feather to boot. They also have styles that range from barely-detectable to full-on glam, so there is a style for everyone and every occasion. I’m obsessed!

Many of us have switched out our old perfume and lotion for better alternatives, but what about your home fragrance? Conventional scented candles are a huge source of indoor air pollutants; paraffin releases dangerous chemicals like bezene and tolulene when burned, and we all know that synthetic fragrance is linked to migraines, asthma and hormonal imbalance. My new favorite scented candle is made by Woodlot. Their candles contain clean-burning, petroleum-free coconut wax, cotton wicks and natural, phthalate-free fragrance. I also love their minimal aestethic, which makes them a perfect gift.

What Earth Day picks are at the top of your list?


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