With the changing temps and the decrease of summer moisture in the air, now's the time to start thinking about your fall skin care regime. Your skin requires more hydration and an infusion of nutrients as the seasons change, and you can make the transition easier with a few of our favorite organic beauty products. Read on to find out how to take care of your skin, from head to toe!

Transitioning your routine into a fall skin care ritual isn't hard, but it does take a little time. Often, skin reacts more violently than we expect, and our glowing summer complexion is reduced to a dull, tired look. To combat this and to ensure that skin can survive the foray into cooler weather, we recommend laying an oil or serum with a balm or lotion. You get twice the power with potent, plant-based oils and humectant balms to lock in moisture, preventing your skin from looking lackluster and warding off breakouts and blackheads due to dehydration. Interested? Here's how.


Listening to your skin's needs isn't just about your face. Your body needs attention too! And One Love Organics' body care is hydrating enough to bring with you into the fall season. Pairing the Coconut + Salt Body Lotion with the Gardenia + Tea Body Serum packs a punch against dry, flaky skin.

  • Coconut + Salt Body Lotion: Organic, virgin coconut oil, prized for its skin conditioning properties, and mineral rich Atlantic Sea salt, a natural humectant, help attract and retain water from the air for enhanced skin hydration. Lush yet lightweight, this mineral rich elixir can be used alone or layered with a body oil to create the perfect amount of moisture.
  • Gardenia + Tea Body SerumThis formula features clinically proven Antileukine 6, an antioxidant powerhouse, to help defend against environmental stressors and elemental dryness. Ultra-light and easily absorbed, the serum can be used alone or layered with a lotion for an intensely hydrating treatment.

You can use this duo into the winter months too—apply the serum on damp skin, right after you step out of the shower. When you've drip dried, layer the lotion on top to seal in the antioxidant goodness and say bye bye to flaky winter skin!


Your complexion is where you might immediately notice a change as the temperatures drop. Often, our skin gets shaken by cooler weather as it struggles to balance itself out, and this can result in a multitude of skin woes, from dry spots and flakiness to excess oil and breakouts.

To prevent this, gradually increase the moisture you feed your skin with overnight treatments. We love the powerhouse duo of MAHALO's Vitality Elixir and Balm

  • Vitality ElixirCoEnzyme Q10 rejuvenates skin as it defies age and deeply hydrates, infusing skin with regenerating properties. Vitality Elixir helps plump wrinkles, fade age spots, balance oil production and stimulate new cell growth, feeding your skin and revealing a luminous complexion.
  • BalmGrapeseed butter tones, kukui oil encourages cell regeneration, rosehip oil soothes scars and hydrates, sea buckthorn repairs and holds in moisture, and beeswax softens, engaging skin cells in a reformative process. Macadamia oil balances sebum, turmeric relieves inflammation, tamanu oil fights acne, neem oil soothes eczema, and carrot oil repairs tissue, alleviating skin’s problem areas.

This pairing works well in winter as well: Each evening after cleasning and toning, start with the Elixir, and layer the Balm over top, for the ultimate in hydration. You can also just use the Balm on dry spots or probelm areas (ingrown hairs and irritated skin on your body included!).

What types of hydration do you add to your fall skin care routine?

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