Founder's Faves: The 5 Beauty Products Tanja of Max and Me Can't Live Without

 When beauty + healing collide—that's how we describe Max and Me Oils. The carefully, lovingly crafted line expertly treats skin and helps heal your soul and spirit from the inside out. Because of this incredible craftsmanship from founder Tanja, we were so curious to see what other products she keeps in her daily routine. Read on for her top five beauty picks and an incredible, exclusive deal from Max and Me. 


Founder's Faves: The 5 Beauty Products Tanja of Max and Me Can't Live Without


 Product 1: “sweet serenity” mask&wash

Why I love it: Lush, delicious and so potent „sweet serenity“ mask&wash is my holy grail! This heavenly treat with its wildflower-y scent delights me beyond measure—I reach for it almost every second day! I formulated it to be a master healer to instantly calm, deeply hydrate, brighten, fade hyperpigmentation and even out skin tone. It is so versatile, delightening as a mask, a cleanser and as an exfoliator.

I start my „sweet serenity“ mask&wash ceremony as soon as I mix this deliciousness with enough droplets of water in the palm of my hand and the aromas fill the room. At this point everything seems to slow down, I beautifully unwind, focus on the present moment and come home to myself. Again and again.

Product 2: “I am the light” face oil

Why I love it: Every day, I greet my mornings with the “I am the light” face oil from our „max and me“ collection. While my thirsty skin readily drinks in every golden drop, I so adore its awakening, illuminating, toning, deeply hydrating powers. „I am the light“ is my  glow-getter, magnifying skin’s radiance, giving it that lit-from-within look from use one on. Plus, I am totally hooked on its out–of– this–world scent which embraces pink lotus, frangipani, white fir and neroli amongst other beauties. Also its essential oils bouquet gently resonates with the Third Eye, allowing us to tap into our deep inner wisdom.

Product 3: Rahua Body Shower Gel

Why I love it: Sometimes I blend my own shower oil which is such a treat, but on travels or when I am on a tight schedule (which is now often the case as “max and me” flourishes so beautifully) I prefer to just grab a shower gel. I especially adore Rahua’s elegant packaging and signature smell which I already know so well and love so dearly from their haircare line.

Product 4: Leahlani Bohemian Ruby Balancing Toner

Why I love it: I love flower waters and toners, they have such a special, gentle healing quality. As max and me has not yet launched one (I am currently immersed in the beautiful process of formulating our own botanical facial mist), I am reaching out to other brands dear to my heart. Having been in Maui just recently, so loving the aloha-vibes, and being in the know that each bottle houses a Rose Quartz that has been purified in the Hawaiian sun and sea, I especially love the Leahlani Bohemian Ruby Balancing Toner.

Product 5: Kahina Rosemary Lavender Argan Soap Bar

Why I love it: I just love to give my husband Max little surprises now and then. As Max is a huge soap lover, I am constantly looking where to find a beautiful piece of soap for him. Kahina’s soaps embrace our beloved argan oil and show a most gentle effectiveness.

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