Hello, EcoDivas! We want to introduce you to a friend of ours, a fellow proponent of sustainable, ethical living and products. Freestate is a new online website (and soon to be retailer) that wants to  make ethical shopping faster, easier and more accessible. The shop is founded by Abigail Driscoll who lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, and has a degree in psychology with experience in mental health and sales. After learning more about where and how so many of our goods are made, Abigail started Freestate to provide a resource that makes it easier for average consumers to shop ethically.We support their mission to spread the ethical gospel, so we partnered with them to create an ethical guide to New Year's Eve style. Keep reading for all Abigail's tips on pulling together a gorgeous, ethical NYE look (and for a beauty giveaway!).

Well, we have reached the end of yet another year! In just a couple short weeks, we will be saying so long to 2015 and ringing in a brand new year. And with each new calendar comes new resolutions. Most of us want to begin 2016 with a fresh start, making decisions that will help make ourselves and the world healthier and more beautiful all around. One very practical way to do this is to consider starting a habit of shopping more consciously and asking questions like "Where did the ingredients in this product come from?" or "Who made my clothes?"

Anna Lappe, author, educator and advocate for the sustainable food movement, said, "Every time you spend money, you're casting a vote for the kind of world you want." As consumers, we hold so much power to choose what direction our society takes. Our shopping decisions can determine whether or not things like the use of harmful chemicals, human trafficking and other unethical practices continue to be normal characteristics of the supply chains of our favorite well-known brands.

As more light has been shed on these issues, shopping ethically has become easier and much more realistic than even a decade ago. These days, there are so many companies producing goods that are beneficial for the planet, the people making them, and the person buying them: you! We are able to find affordable and responsibly made clothes, home goods, makeup, and skincare without sacrificing luxury or style. All it takes is a desire to take small, intentional steps to make the world a better place.

At Freestate, we want to make this resolution even easier for you. We have curated an ever-growing list of brands and resources that make it easier for the average consumer to shop ethically and sustainably. Just in time for the new year, we are partnering with EcoDiva Beauty to celebrate the launch of our skincare page, which will help you find brands that are kind to the environment and kind to your skin.

We've also created a New Year's Eve Style Guide for you that includes products from some of our favorite ethical brands. Check out the Hynt Beauty Eye Liner and Kjaer Weis Eye Shadow Compacts from EcoDiva to create the perfect smoky eye for your holiday party. For lips and cheeks, throw the Vapour Aura Stain in your clutch so that you have fresh color when it's time to give someone a smooth when the ball drops! 

And be sure to visit Instagram (@free.state and @ecodivabeauty) for a chance to win a One Love Organics Merry + Bright Facial Gift Set from EcoDiva to keep your skin looking bright and glowing throughout the winter! 

  1. Abby Flared Dress from People Tree | $155
  2. Degas Earrings from Greenola Style | $24
  3. Selam Black and Gold Game Day Scarf from FashionABLE | $36
  4. Lotus Clutch in green from Akola Project | $132
  5. Mollie Heel from Nisolo | $248
  6. Kjaer Weis Organic Eyeshadow Compact in Onyx and Divine from EcoDiva | $45
  7. Hynt Beauty Forte High Definition Eye Liner in black from EcoDiva | $20
  8. RGB Five Free Nail Polish in Copper from Eco Diva | $18
  9. Vapour Aura Multi Use Stain in Enchant from EcoDiva | $36


Abigail Driscoll is a writer, dreamer, and founder of Freestate. You can say hi on social media at @abigaildriscoll.


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