It's that time of year again! Holiday parties, fun winter festivities—and all of them (could) include dressing up and gettin' real fancy. But, what to wear (makeup-wise, that is)?! With all of the conventional makeup on the market nowadays, full of toxic ingredients that are harmful to your skin, how do you go about choosing makeup that's glamourous, nontoxic and safe? Do you go with a smoky eye and nude lip? An edgy cat eye with some rockin' red lips? Decisions, decisions! Don't worry—I've got you covered with this step-by-step Glowing Winter Makeup tutorial. This look is sure to turn heads—and yep, it's all green and totally safe for your face and that beautiful skin of yours!


1. So, first things first. We want a smooth, primed face and eyelids so we have a great canvas to work with.

I like to prime my face with Vapour's Stratus Soft Focus Instant Skin Perfector—this is a 3–in–1 moisturizer, primer and no-color foundation. It balances all skin types, including combination and oily skin, and leaves a smooth base for color makeup application while getting that oh so lovely natural, satin finish. If it couldn't get any better, it did! Vapour’s Light Reflective Technology immediately perfects the appearance of your skin, making you appear younger and refreshed. Perfect!

Then, I prime my lids with something like Alima Pure's Balancing Primer Powder. This protecting powder was not only created to help your makeup stay fresh all day long, but it also gently absorbs excess oil, and it even reduces redness caused by irritated skin. I use it on the face or eyes, with a light sweep and there you go! Eyes are primed and ready to be glammed up!

2. Now, take your favourite foundation—I have been LOVING my ILIA Beauty Vivid Foundation in Tularosa F1 Fairand a damp beauty blender (my favourite foundation tool) and blend it all out; don't forget the neck and jawline!

This foundation is lovely. It's moisturizing, with healing properties and the texture of the foundation is soft, and whipped. According to ILIA, this foundation carries a new, unique medicinal resin sourced from a tree on the Greek Island of Chios. It offers a natural way to reduce pore size, minimize shine and combat bacteria, plus it naturally mattifies your skin too, while refining and soothing. Aloe vera lends that long-lasting hydration your winter-dry skin cries for, while stimulating the tightening of the skin, revealing a more youthful complexion. Green tea and rosemary extract heal and combat free radicals. I mean, it really does it all! Plus, it's great for sensitive skin like mine. WIN!

3. Conceal! How? Where? With what? Fear not, I wrote a post on that too! Check it out HERE.

4. Time to focus on the eyes, the star of the party! It's pretty basic, actually. All you'll need for this look is this gorgeous W3ll People Elitist Satin Mineral Shadow 89 (Satin White)—the most beautiful white, creamy, satin finish shadow; ILIA Beauty's Pure Eyeliner (Sweet Jane)—gorgeous cream eyeliner that easily twists up and blends beautifully! This warm brown shade is perfect for a bit more of a natural dramatic eye, without being too black or intense smoky. Then, you'll need a pretty light grey or charcoal shadow to define your crease a bit. (i.e. Fitglow Beauty Mineral Eyeshadow Trio (Nightfall)).

Pack on your Satin White shadow, all over the lid, focusing heavily on the inner corners of your eyes. You want them to really pop! Mix a bit of water with the shadow for a more dramatic and intense silver/white. Don't worry about blending this to perfection, because now we're going in with the charcoal/grey eyeshadow in the crease.

With a light hand, use windshield wiper motions in the crease of your lid. This will add a bit more depth and dimension—almost like your gaze just got more sultry and deep, yet still maintaining that bright-eyed, frosty look.

Lastly, take your Sweet Jane liner and line your upper and lower waterline, as well as your lashline. Take a Q-tip or smaller blending brush and smudge it out a bit. Then, don't forget to pack on the mascara! (I used ILIA Beauty Mascara, and coated my lashes about three times.)

5. Contour, highlight and blush time! And whaddya know? I also have a post for Contouring and Highlighting, and all you gotta do is click HERE to read more.

As far as blush goes, you want to go preeeetty flush in the cheeks. (like FitGlow Beauty's Mineral Blush Compact in Pure.) It should almost be as if you've been standing outside in the cold for ages... let's call it winter-kissed cheeks, shall we? Take your blush brush and pack on the colour! Make sure it's blended though, we don't want no 80's streakiness happening. That's not cute, ladies.  

6. Brows! Go on and get 'em done up right. Read more on how I (and you can too) acheive those super trendy, feathered brows! 

7. Last, but CERTAINLY not least—because boy, does this ever make your whole look scream "I'M HEEEEERE!"—lipstick! Some would say go with a frosted lipstick—the frosted, metallic-y lip is making a comeback and I dig some of it! However, I decided to go for a suuuuuper bright orangy/red shade. The winner? ILIA's Wild Child. A stunning warm, bright, fiery red that will command a second look. Literally... I take a second look even when I'm applying it. It's mezmerizing! 


Et voila my beauties, that is the look! Accessorize with a pretty hair piece, halo or crown and of course with a dress to kill and you'll be holiday partying it up in no time!

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