Ever wonder how to achieve that beautiful flush? Like you're glowing from within? Cream blush—especially amazing, non-toxic cream blush, full of incredible skincare ingredients—can be the perfect product to achieve that glowy, inner rosiness, blushing look without being too over the top! But let's be honest, it can be a bit daunting if you don't know how to apply it correctly. So, let's start from the top! Read on to find out who organic cream blush is best for, plus the easiest, step-by-step how to apply cream blush.

Who is cream blush best for?

  • Dry Skin: These will work amazingly for you! Powder is dry and on top of dry skin, can make your cheeks look dull, and frankly, even drier. However, using an organic cream blush will impart extra moisture to to your cheeks and give you that youthful glow you've always wanted.
  • Aging Skin: As we age, our skin tends to get drier—BOO! Using a cream blush will immediately give you back your youthful glow, along with a pretty dewiness we tend to lose as we grow older.
  • Cold Weather: Bam! One of the reasons I'm talking about organic cream blush today! We're entering the cooler fall/winter months. Cream blushes sit on the skin and add moisture that the cold air takes away. If you live in a humid, hot climate, then you know that a cream product can really slide around, melt or even make you look more oily. So, if you're in a cooler climate, or have a change of seasons, it’s to your benefit to use an organic cream blush!

I've got two amazing organic cream blush products I want to talk about today. The first one is the Vapour Aura Multi-Use Blush in Classic Spark. This Multi-Use Blush gives you a gorgeous natural flush of color. To get this natural flush, apply the Vapour glow to your cheeks, lips and eyes—and all with just one convenient stick! The organic cream blush blends like a dream for a polished look in seconds, it lends a fresh faced look and  it nourishes with Vapour’s face-specific infusion of soothing frankincense, antioxidant tulsi and calming lotus. Amazing right?!

Left: blended / Right: cream swatch, straight from stick

The next product is the W3LL People Universalist Multi-use ColorStick in Universalist 9: Nude Flush. This luminous magic stick for eyes, cheeks and lips will take your entire look from drab to fab in seconds—and all you need is this one simple product. Don't you love that? Easy peasy! The organic cream blush formula has a satiny smooth, weightless texture, free from all harsh, artificial chemicals and petroleums. So, there's absolutely no heavy, greasy film (what I always have feared with cream blushes) and zero creasing. W3LL People's organic aloe formula with organic chamomile and green tea heals and renews skin, and all you have to do is look pretty.

Left: blended / Right: cream swatch, straight from stick

 How to Apply

Fingers: This is definitely my method of choice for applying cream blush. I think your fingers are your best tools. Using your clean two middle fingers, pat your fingers into the organic cream blush, picking up some of the product. Smile and apply with a tapping motion to the apples of the cheeks and blend the color backward. If you feel like you've applied a bit too much, simply use a sponge like a Beauty Blender and pat over the top to pick up some of the color until you get your desired color.

The only time I recommend using a Beauty Blender for this is solely for when you need to tap off any excess colour on your cheeks before blending it out.

Left: blended, Vapour on top, W3LL People on bottom / Right: cream swatches, straight from sticks, Vapour on top, W3LL People on bottom

And there you have it! Beautiful, glowy, naturally flushed cheeks. There's nothing better! What do you use to get glowing?

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