So you've got your eye makeup, contour + highlight down to a science! You're feelin' good, feelin' great... but wait... what about foundation?! You've got your powders and your liquids, but what about CREAM foundation (my personal fave!)? Well, let's take a looksy at some of the ways we can apply our cream foundation to create a flawless look. Read on for step by step details!

In this case, I will be using my Kjaer Weis Cream Foundation in Like Porcelain. Now, let me just tell you that I never really reached for a cream foundation similar to this before. Even in my mainstream makeup days, it never appealed to me. I always figured that cream foundation was for super dry skin—which I had in SOME areas—but mostly was combination. I thought it would accentuate my pores, make me look shiny, crease more and just overall be a disaster on my skin. AND THEN...I found Kjaer Weis' Cream Foundation

First of all, not only is the packaging on this product luxurious TO THE MAX—with its heavy, sleek silver casing, and white enamel accents—but it is refillable, making this product super sustainable and eco-friendly! So, let's chat about the benefits of this cream foundation, cus GIRL, are they ever amazing! This foundation contains nourishing sweet almond oil, hydrating coconut oil and anti-aging jojoba oil. HELLO HEALTHY FACE!

Smooth and luxurious, the base applies like silk, leaving you with a satin matte finish that is almost powder-like, but not chalky or dry. AND it's simultaneously perfecting and natural looking. Can we say amazing? Yes, it truly is the holy grail of cream foundation at the moment.

Okay, Sammie, enough chit-chat about it—let's hear how to apply it! 

1. Prep your skin. This step is very important. The formula is creamy and fairly concentrated, so definitely make sure your skin is moisturized well. I have found that a nice, rich moisturizer will suffice for oily/combo skin types, while dry skin types will yield better results with facial oil. My favourite face oil to use before applying the foundation is One Love Organics Vitamin C Serum. For just a moisturizer I'll reach for the Dr. Alkaitis Organic Day Creme. (Make sure you allow your moisturizer or oil to sink into your skin and then start the application.)

2. Application Tools. Probably my favorite way to apply this product is with the Kjaer Weis Blush Brush because the size is perfect for an overall flawless application, and to me, blends the best. Some say they enjoy using a Beauty Blender too.

3. Blend. This is very important, because blending it well makes the skin look even and naturally flawless. I sometimes use my fingers to blend in the areas I want to be a bit more natural. The foundation warms up beautifully and makes it easy to do so.

And there it is! A flawless canvas! Obviously you are your own artist and can apply this cream foundation however you like, and in a manner that suits you the best. But these are just some tips and tricks I've learned that make my cream foundation apply easier, look better and even stay longer. Good luck, and don't forget to tag your photos #makeuptipswithsammie so I can see the final flawless results!

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