I think one of the most commonly asked makeup questions is, “How do I conceal my dark circles?” “How can I brighten my eyes so I don't look like a zombie?!” The struggle is real, ladies. Late nights happen. Genetics happen. The key is concealing and brightening properly. Concealing and brightening eyes varies for everyone. Your undereyes are like snowflakes—none are exactly the same. Because of different skin undertones, our dark circles will differ (you may have undereye circles with blue or even yellow tones... I have a bit of purple). But, regardless of color, we can do a little magic to brighten and lift. Read on for how to conceal dark circles.

I don’t think I necessarily have a major problem with puffiness, but moreseo with dark circles that tend to look tired and beat. If I’m working on a few hours of sleep or I use my computer too much, straining my eyes will make my eyes look tired, puffy and old. Of course, the first way to combat this would be to catch up on your rest, use great eye creams—like the Bottega Organica Eye Illuminate Cream or the Kahina Eye Cream—and drink lots of water. But, when all is said and done, the makeup is where the magic is. Check out my favourite products/ways to conceal and brighten—giving me the illusion of looking like I've had eight hours of sleep when in fact it was only four (yikes).


  • Cream Concealer Stick — Vapour Illusionist Concealer. This concealer is so lovely! It quickly and effectively perfects the skin’s trouble spots. Dark circles and blemishes are covered effortlessly and the concealer blends so beautifully (and smoothly). Illusionist has a high pigment load for areas that need extra coverage, which I love! But, don't worry! It isn't cakey, and it won't deposit in lines—plus it doesn't clog pores. Yay! One of the many things I love about Illusionist is its light touch, which instantly gives your skin a healthier and more even appearance. It's super nourishing with Vapour’s face-specific infusion of soothing frankincense, antioxidant tulsi and calming lotus. This also gives it its specific scent—some don't enjoy it, I, on the other hand LOVE it! 
  • Highlighting/Liquid Concealer — ILIA Vivid Concealer. This liquid concealer is a lot more fluid (hence it being a liquid, haha) and packed with botanicals which in turn, make this concealer formula gentle and amazing for sensitive skin. ILIA's Vivid Concealer provides light to medium coverage, and if you get a shade or two lighter than your skintone, it's perfect for highlighting! With healing properties of aloe and coconut oil, this concealer soothes and hydrates, while arnica and green tea extract help calm inflammation. It's an all around great product that conceals AND highlights—the best of both worlds!

  • Powder Highlighter/Brightener  Alima Pure Luminous Shimmer Powder - Lumina. This powder highlight has easily grown to be one of my favourite highlighters! It is subtle, but still imparts the most beautiful moonlit, ethereal soft-focus look that radiates your inner beauty. Its illuminating minerals highlight while providing a incandescent glow. The powder is perfect for all skin types, over foundation or on its own! It's the best!


There are many ways to apply concealer. With a concealer brush, with a beauty blender, or with your plain ole fingers! Here are my techniques: 


  1. It’s really important to build light layers at a time instead of heavy layers that get cakey and eventually crease.
  2. Start at your inner corner and apply the concealer along lower lid. Step back and decide if one layer is enough or if you need to add another.
  3. Blend it into the skin with your ring finger (the heat of your finger helps with the slip).

  4. Dot the highlighter/liquid concealer just below the area you just concealed.
  5. Blend the highlighter/liquid concealer into the skin with your finger.
  6. Dip the puff or beauty blender (whichever tool you prefer) into the setting powder.
  7. Press the tool directly on the areas you concealed and highlighted. Do not drag it across the area as that will move the product you applied. Just press lightlty from the inner corner to the outer corner.

  8. Next, take the powder highlighter/brightener with a small fluffy brush and lightly (or heavier handed, depending on how intense you want the highlight to be) brush it over the bridge and tip of your nose, your Cupid's bow, chin (optional, mainly because I can tend to get shiny on my chin anyhow) and cheekbones! Feel free to also add some to the inner corner of your eyes to make them appear even more alert, bright and wide awake!

There you go! You're now looking less like Sleeping Beauty who hasn't had a well-rested night and more like a bright, alert, younger (yes this can take off some years) you! Fresh faced and ready to take on the day! 


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