Thick, somewhat groomed and yet unruly bold brows are ALL the rage at the moment. The feathered brow is especially having a moment—we've heard all about it, seen it in magazines and on some of the most beautiful models and celebs. The feathered brow has been described as a natural brow, with a soft, angled arch, but that can be interpreted however you want. Basically, whatever you feel comfortable with. I like my brows to be a bit more straight, a-la Cara Delevingne!

The power of a set of well-groomed, bold brows extends past the ability to frame your eyes. I've heard (and seen on some) that if framed and grown out correctly, your brows can easily take five years off your face. In order to do this though, you need to toss that trusty magnifying mirror, hide yo tweezers (lol), and let your brows go borderline bushy. Make sure you allow your overtweezed arches (if you have them... I know I do) to grow in for about six weeks. It'll be a long, grueling wait, but, it'll be worth it! In the meantime, you'll just need to lightly fill in your brows. And that is what I'm here for! To teach you a little about how to shape eyebrows, in our brow feathering 101. So, grab your spoolies, waxes, powders and pencils and check it out!

How to Shape Eyebrows

1. As you can see, I am pretty sparce—BLASTED high school overtweezing! So, what I do for the first step is I map it out. Get an idea of the shape you want your brows to be. The thickness, how long you want the tail, how high or low of an arch, etc.

2. Then, place a brush along the side of your nose to find where your brows should ideally start. Angle the brush from the outside of your nose to the outer corner of your eye to find where your brows should ideally end. Important tip: the end of the brow’s point should be at a 45-degree angle from the outside end of the eye.

3. Now brush your brows up with the spoolie end of your brush. What this does is it helps you see the shape you like and see where your brows are uneven. 

4. Now the fun part: Filling them in! It is up to you which method you'd like to use: brow powder, pencil, gel or wax. My favourite is brow defining wax. I absolutely LOVE Eco Brow's defining wax in Rita. Not only is it the perfect auburn/red shade for me, but this is a non-toxic defining wax that isn't full of bad ingredients. Did you know that the ever-popular conventional eyebrow products contain multiple parabens? These also have been linked to breast tumor formations... NO THANK YOU. I am so pleased that Eco Brow exists! This 100% natural, lightweight, and smudge-proof coloring wax is mineral based, paraben free and formulated to deliver fuller, more fabulous brows, without compromising your well being.

Rule of thumb, try to choose an eyebrow shade that is at least one shade lighter than your natural brow colour. The key is to choose a colour that is just dark enough to fill in the gaps but is not so dark it makes your brows look un-natural against your complexion and hair colour.


5. Using short, feathery strokes to mimic your natural hairs and mask any gaps, softly fill in any sparse areas with the wax. Start in the middle of your brow and work outwards, only filling in the area closest to your nose if it really needs it. Try to use a light hand, cus a little of this wax goes a long way, and the more you use, the more you risk looking like you've drawn on a full set of brows. Stand back from the mirror every now and then to check your work—being too close up can encourage you to add too much product initially. You can always add more, so start light!

It's that simple, ladies! Test out different shapes and variations to get your ideal brows. Perfect eyebrows take a little bit of practice, but once you've found your perfect shape and start filling them in properly, you'll never look back! xo

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