Happy 2016 Eco Diva Beauties! I am back in action answering your most desired skincare and beauty questions. It was so much fun getting to connect with some of you on Instagram back in December. I’ve decided to kickstart the 2016 year with one of the most common skincare issues and questions I get asked all the time... Read on to find out if it's a question you've been asking too!

Of all the skincare questions I get asked on a daily basis, questions about blackheads are always in the running, usually in first place! It doesn’t matter your age, from 16-60, everyone wants to know how to get rid of a blackhead. It's a common and great question! Blackheads are a tricky skin issue and some people are just more prone to them than others. It takes work and consistency on your part to effectively reduce the amount or appearance of any blackheads.

Lets’s first address what a blackhead is. Blackheads form in any pore on the face or body that has trapped oil in it that has been oxidized by air, thus creating the oil to literally turn black. The whole oil production mixed with air oxidizing the oil is a crazy cycle that just repeats itself again and again—but there are ways to tackle this problem! You can easily, naturally remove blackheads in three steps.

Natural Ways To Remove Blackheads

Cleanse Your Skin Properly. 

I cannot stress enough just how important this step is in skincare. Cleansing the skin properly is a art that should and can be easily learned to create clearer looking skin. Since we just discussed how the oxidized appearance of trapped oil is what is causing blackheads, cleansing the skin will naturally be the first aid of relief to the skin. I wrote an article a few months ago in detail about cleansing the skin, and we are sure your skin will benefit immensely by following those steps. You can read more about mastering the art of cleansing here.

Perform Your Own Extractions.

As a esthetician, I do extractions nearly every working day with clients. Of course I am going to suggest you see your local esthetician (who is skilled at extractions, that is!) for a facial. However, if you do decide to naturally remove blackheads with your own extractions (never, ever white heads) then you’ll want to follow these simple steps as a guideline.

    1. Take a warm shower. Allow the steam and heat from the warm shower to soften and dilate the pores, cleanse the skin at least twice and rinse well with warm water.
    2. After the shower, apply a steamy-warm and damp towel to your skin to keep the pores soft. Leave the warm towel compress on your skin for 1-2 minutes.
    3. Apply a light moisturizer to keep the skin from drying out—never do an extraction on dry skin!
    4. Use two cotton swabs and apply to either side of the blackhead and do a gentle rocking and rolling motion. This will help the oil pop right out without scarring the skin.
    5. Apply a witch-hazel based topical facial product to the skin when done. This will aid in reducing redness and will prevent bacteria from spreading. One of my favorite products to apply to just-extracted-skin is Dr. Alkaitis Organic Soothing Gel. This product is naturally anti-bacterial yet calms irritated skin by its soothing ingredients, while aiding in hydrating your skin. Love this product!

Do a Deep Pore Mask Once a Week.

As mentioned, the oils in our skin need a way to come out before the become oxidized by the air. Clay or earth based masks are an excellent way to detoxify the skin of oils as well as other impurities. Deep pore masks can be pretty heavy duty, and once a week is sufficient. Any more than once a week is too much and can cause the skin to dry out, or over produce oils and create other problematic skin issues. The best masks to purify your skin? Both the MAHALO Pele Mask and May Lindstrom’s The Problem Solver, which are activated by water and will revitalize your skin. You can contact me at to find out which one might be best suited for your skin!

EcoDivas, keep the questions coming! You never know if your question will be answered right here on our blog! I am just an email away at

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