How to Get the Perfect Summer Glow With Fitglow + Hynt Beauty

Summer has totally arrived and with it comes that peachy-bronze glow we're all craving—sans the sun damage and the UV rays. The solution? Makeup! Beautiful, luxurious, nontoxic makeup from Fitglow and Hynt Beauty.



  1. Prep skin with Hynt Beauty's Skin Prep Serum to ensure a hydrated canvas.
  2. Buff in a bit of Fitglow's Vita-Set Powder for a fresh-faced look (try adding in the Vita-Active Foundation if you want fuller coverage).
  3. Fill in your brows with Hynt's Cream to Powder Brow Definer.
  4. Choose your depth of glow with Fitglow's range of beautiful powder bronzers (the powder helps them stay set longer in hot temps!).
  5. Define your eyes with Hynt's loose powder shadow in Warm Bronze for an easy, chic color wash over lids. Or, if you're in more of a master-class mood, choose Fitglow's Mineral Shadow trio in Sunglow.
  6. Swipe on two coats of Hynt's Nocturne Mascara.
  7. Press (yes, with your finger!) a light coating of Hynt's Libre Luxurious Lipgloss in Satin Nude into your lips.


Voila! Summer awaits!

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