Pick the Perfect Nontoxic Nail Polish for Your Instagram Flatlay

Once upon a time, picking the right nail polish was all about matching your mood and your wardrobe. While that’s still the case, social media is another fun way to show your personality and your polish.

If you’re actively on Instagram, then you know how important composition is when it comes to creating your feed and posting your photos. The ubiquitous flatlay has become a common way to communicate what you’re doing or what you’re crushing on in general.  Whether you’re currently typing on your keyboard while drinking a beautiful vibrant green matcha latte or packing your stylish weekend tote with a pair of blush toned pumps, vintage oversized sunglasses, pink bikini, and rose gold iPhone, details like your nail polish are also a key part of your flatlay, especially if you’re shooting with #handsinframe. 

Nontoxic Nail Polish in Your Instagram Flatlay

Using four dramatically different nontoxic, long-lasting nail polishes—Treat (French Vanilla), Treat (Art House), tenoverten (Worth) and RGB (Nightfall)—I've added a subtle or bold touch to each unique vignette including a cozy Sunday morning reading vintage books and drinking tea; party prep; a Zen incense ritual; and opening that special blue box before heading out to dinner.  

So if you’re thinking about creating a flatlay that reflects your personality or matches your favorite colors, watch this video for some inspiration. 


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Gina Kamburowski


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