5 Face Masks You Need For Great Skin All Week Long

Masking is arguably the most relaxing aspect of any skincare routine – it’s also a fast-tracked treatment step that can show results immediately after rinsing! To help you achieve your skincare goals, I’ve compiled a list of some of the most luxurious masks along with the best moments to use them.

Leahlani Skincare Mermaid Mask for #MaskMondays
Hopefully, you start off every work week radiant and glowing. But if not, Leahlani’s Mermaid Mask will help you get there. Expect seriously soft, smooth and luminous skin post-treatment. In 5-15 minutes you can nourish your skin with superfoods like chlorella and spirulina, that leave you with the healthiest-looking complexion. It’s the perfect pick-me-up after a dreaded Monday (unless you actually love Mondays? In that case, this is just a continuation to a great day).

May Lindstrom Skin The Honey Mud, post-workout
This beautiful, chocolate pudding-scented, liquid silk, is a multi-use product. If you like, you can use a small amount as a cleanser or, apply a generous layer all over you face, neck and décolletage for a soothing 10-20 minute treat. I prefer masking with The Honey Mud to keep it on my face as long as possible! The antibacterial properties of raw honey will help with damage control due to the sweat and toxins expelled during your work out. The formula is also especially soothing on aggravated and irritated skin, bringing moisture back into your skin. Plus, the creamy ready-to-use jar is easy to slather on and shields your skin throughout the duration of your shower!

Isa’s Restoratives Matcha Detoxifying Facial Mask, for a mid-week reboot
The best mask for creating a smooth canvas. If you face is feeling rough, patchy, and dull, this anti-oxidant packed Matcha Facial Mask is the remedy. It’s also perfect for when you’re in a rush because it dries in under 5 minutes (don’t worry, I actually timed it!). You can mix with plain water, a hydrosol, serum, yogurt, honey… it’s all up to you. Whatever you skin is craving, add it to the mixture. When it’s time to rinse off, I like to dampen my face and rub the mask in circular motions for a gentle, yet invigorating, exfoliating effect.

Elde Cosmetics Detox Mask, pre-weekend festivities
Using any beauty product is always a bet between you and what the bottle claims to do. You read the label and hope that it delivers on just one of the items that it says it will. Luckily, with the Detox Mask, you win all bets and get to experience every benefit this white clay-based mask has to offer, and more. First, it completely rids the skin of all types of congestion. The redness in any blemishes is also significantly reduced, and face puffiness will be a thing of the past. The best part about this mask is that it does not fully dry so you never experience that unpleasant feeling of your face tightening up, as you would with many traditional clay masks. The luxury oil blend packed into the formula truly moisturizes the skin post rinse-off, yet there is no unwanted residue. And afterwards, makeup applies much more evenly, which makes it the ideal prep-step before any weekend plans.

May Lindstrom Skin The Problem Solver for #SelfcareSundays
Sunday is the best self-care day because it allows you to pause, reset and mentally prepare for the upcoming week. Now, you'll have some extra time to spend mixing and applying this mousse-textured mask (which is a relaxing experience in itself), that actually does want to solve all of your skin woes. It's not uncommon to see an improvement in under 30 mins flat. Specifically, if you’re looking to combat inflammation, heal blemishes, and drastically detoxify – The Problem Solver is the most decadent and powerful choice. After rinsing, your skin will feel absolutely rejuvenated, clarified and in a more imaginative sense, like it can breathe again.

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