Max & Me Oils: True-Love Inspired Skincare for Valentine's Day

Love... Books, poetry, movies and songs have been based on true love stories. And now a true love story has been inspired and made into one of the most sought after holistic skin care lines, and that is none other than Max & Me.

The Max & Me line was lovingly cultivated by Max and Tanja’s love for not only each other but also for the shared passion and vision that the two of them had: to create a skincare line that would go beyond green beauty. A line that would envelope and encompass healing by using high vibrational oils from dear Mother Earth to nurture natural beauty, a form of expressing self love.

As we can love ourselves more, it becomes a contagious natural rhythm of extending that love from ourselves to others and the amazing planet we live on. A whole unity, all connected, from the smallest harvested plant to create exceptional oils that transforms our body, mind, and spirt, and we say YES to that kind of love.

February is known for being the love month, and while chocolates and roses may say “I love you," the Max & Me line says more: to celebrate beauty and love.

That celebration comes in the form of aromas of jasmine, rose, geranium, just a few of their signature notes that touch and open the senses. Your skin will drink up these oils as the elixirs of nature that they truly are.

My very first experience with Max & Me was their Enchanted Facial Oil. As one of my EcoDiva Beauty Expert picks, this is a favorite. Not only is it a favorite of ours, it is of others well, as it just won the Indie Beauty Expo's Best in Show Award for the Best Face OilIt is an excellent, nourishing oil for all skin types that quenches thirsty skin. When I first applied their facial oil... I felt quite literally, enchanted. All my senses lit up with the subtle energy of connecting to the essences of the flowers, herbs and plants harnessed and brewed into this perfect facial oil blend. I could smell the delicate and fragrant flower petals, as I swirled the oil into my skin, I could’t help but close my eyes to take in just how lovely this oil really is. I truly look forward to the time when I can apply Enchanted onto my skin. My skin has been left soft, glowing vibrantly. My makeup glides over as light as a feather over my skin. Their oils create magic to the skin and senses! I know it may sound funny, but truly using these oils makes me feel more calm, serene and connected. Now isn’t that a beauty-ritual worth implementing? 

Max & Me has an oil for everyone and every skin type. Your skin will fall in love with their body oils and beauty balms too!

Journey In Time, another Beauty Expert pick, is a body oil perfect for those of us who are looking to turn back the hands of time. Hydration and healing with active antioxidants, your skin is left with a dewy glow and is oh so soft to the touch. It also may help eradicate small wrinkles in the skin by plumping and firming. Red, broken capillaries appear smaller as they distend further back into the skin. It is infused with the impressive notes of ylang-ylang, jasmine, rose and the lotus flower, a symbol of purity, beauty and divinity.

Another Beauty Expert Max & Me pick is Sweet Serenity Rescue Balm, which is a lovely medley to soothe any irritated skin concerns and conditions. The powerful concoction of herbs and flower essences removes redness and protects sensitive skin. It also hydrates skin with the moisture that our skin so dearly craves!

Max & Me is truly uniquely crafted skincare that encourages the powerful message of love. Gift yourself, or a loved one the chance to experience this radiant line. You will literally fall in love! Don’t say, I didn’t warn you!

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