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LILX Founder Alexis Rose
Welcome back to Behind the Beauty, where we take you behind the scenes of our favorite beauty brands. Today, we're introducing you to a very exciting founder: Alexis Rose, certified aromatherapist and founder of our newest skincare line LILFOX. We couldn't be happier to be bringing LILFOX into the EcoDiva family—find out why from Alexis herself and make sure to check out what's new from the gorgeous line.

Tell us the origin story of LILFOX.

Ever since I was little I was always busy mixing different elements: herbs from the gardens with oils, infusing with crystal energy and crafting potions, so I think alchemy has always been in my DNA. In my late 20s I decided to attain an aromatherapy certification and study organic cosmetic formulation. During my studies I realized I had a talent for creating luxe spa products with organic ingredients and unique aromatics. From there it was down the rabbit hole with extensive research on ingredients and product formulation. I was so intrigued by the vibrant energetics of the essential oils that I decided to create a collection that really captures these plant energies.

What’s your favorite product from the line? Why?

Jungle Glow Rainforest Honey Enzyme Cleanser + Mask. In the morning I love to leave the Jungle Glow Rainforest Honey Enzyme Cleaner + Mask on for a couple minutes while getting ready or while I am in the shower to let the steam activate the honey and oils and prep my skin for the day. It is incredibly moisturizing and skin plumping, and skin clearing.

At night I love to mask in the tub with a combination of the Bamboo Charcoal or Chlorophyll + Tourmaline clay masks and add the Jungle Glow. The Jungle Glow adds an extra dose of moisture to masks and keeps them from drying so quickly! It’s so important never to allow the clay masks to dry completely on you face!

What has changed most in the green beauty industry since you started LILFOX?

It’s really exciting to see clean beauty is now aligned with living a healthy lifestyle and wellness. It’s so much more than just another beauty product to make enhance your appearance. I think more people are learning about how it is just as important to take care of your skin as eating healthy.

Alexis Rose LILFOX

What stands out about LILFOX?

I find the unique aromatic profiles and energetics of each product make this line stand out the most. The blends are each created to capture the vital energetics of the various plant parts the essential oils are extracted from. This line is all about delivering more than clear, glowing, and healthy skin but also providing the user with a luxurious experience for the senses and to soothe and uplift one’s spirit.

I try to include crystal infusions wherever I can with the collection. Crystals have properties that facilitate healing. The use of crystals for healing is ancient. Ancient Egyptians are among the first people to have adorned themselves with crystals — including lapis lazuli, carnelian and turquoise—to ward off illness and negative energy. Powdered Tourmaline is used in the Chlorophyll +Tourmaline Brightening Mask for when tourmaline is massaged into skin it becomes positively charged on one end and negatively charged on the other; thus allowing the nutrients and minerals of the clays and botanicals to penetrated more deeply into the skin.

Why is it important for us to be concerned about what we’re putting on our skin?

Our skin is the largest organ of our body and it can absorb up to 80% of what we put on it. If you can’t eat it, then you shouldn’t be putting it on your skin. AT LILFOX we don’t work with anything in our formulas that is not edible.  

Tell us about how the fact that you’re a certified aromatherapist plays into the formulations of LILFOX.

The sensuous nature of aromatherapy is intriguing. The fact that an essential oil’s aroma can instantly elevate one’s mood is profound. Aromatherapy not only helps to relieve stress but also boosts the immune system. When you inhale air that is infused with essential oils, it goes to the roof of your nose. Olfactory receptors in the nose then transport the information to the limbic system. The limbic system is where your emotions are processed. One of the reasons why aromatherapy helps to relieve stress is that it stimulates the release of certain chemicals in the brain that can help you relax. Where stress makes you vulnerable to illness, on the contrary aromatherapy helps to strengthen your body's immune system by stimulating chemicals in the brain that help fight off infection.  

If you could share one piece of advice for holistic living, what would it be?

No one is perfect but if you can try be more thoughtful in all areas of your life like being mindful to practice conscious consumerism. Seeking out ethical fashion and clean beauty products is just as important as eating healthy. Being aware of where the products you are purchasing come from, and the conditions of the workers who made those products is important. Also thinking about the impact on the environment that different industries have and opting for clean and sustainable companies is essential to living a healthy and thoughtful lifestyle.

What are your top three must-have beauty products right now?

The Jungle Glow as a multitasking 4-in-1 cleanser, mask, exfoliant, and aromatherapy treatment. Seriously I can’t go a day without it! The Aphrodite Rose Mist for an instant pick me up through out the day and to also use before and after applying a nourishing face oil to help prep the skin and assist with absorption of the oils. Lastly, the LILFOX Seabuck + Neroli Face Nectar for the cooler winter months. That is the most moisturizing face nectar of the collection and the seabuckthorn oil is so nourishing for skin stressed by the cold winter temperatures, wind and dry air.


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