Welcome back to Behind the Beauty, where we get you up close and personal with our favorite green beauty brand founders. Today, we're getting a sneak peek into the life of treat collection (our newest brand!) founder Daniela Mellis. A glamorous nail polish line consisting of 54 different shades, treat collection polishes are “5-free”—this means treat deliberately abstains from the commonly used risky ingredients formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluoene, DBP (dibutyl phthalate) and camphor. No more doubts or worries about having your nails shine day after day, even during pregnancy or with children around—the polishes are nontoxic and so much healthier than regular products. Read on for insight into the brand's start, what Daniela's favorite colors from the line are and a TREAT for you to celebrate our launch!

What’s treat’s origin story?

Actually, this is kind of a sad story. I have four children and between number 2 and three I had two miscarriages that, when we had the tests back in regards to what could have been the issue, both turned out to be fetuses with chromosomal defects. So this really was a wake-up call and turned my personal life up side down. I changed a lot of things (diet, lifestyle) and especially looked into all the toxins in my life (cleaning detergents, household items and last but not least cosmetics). I was really astonished at finding some amazing organic brands and was kind of disappointed by—in my view—the lack of really chic and glamorous color cosmetics, especially nail polishes. Having a beauty background myself, I decided to work on my own line. And two pregnancies later, not only my third and fourth child were born, but treat collection was ready to launch as well!

What's your favorite color from the line? Why?

For my hands it is So Simple and Timeless—for the same reason as the name would suggest. So simple is lavender-hued greige that looks amazing and yet goes with everything. Timeless is just a bit more color than your average transparent hue and I love the sheer wash of color.

For my feet it is Goddess or Delight. Goddess is a really bright coral red that looks amazing in summer. Delight is one of our latest additions, a wonderful brick red that looks wonderful on pale or bronzed skin. 

For evenings out I really love very dark colors like ArthouseDrama Queen or Smokey Nail.

Why is it important for us to be concerned about what we’re putting on our nails?

What do you do after putting gas in your tank? Clean your hands! Because of all the nastiness involved with gasoline. So if I tell you know that toluene is found in gasoline as well as regular nail polish and you just think about how often you touch your face with your hand during the day, don’t you go running and screaming and want to take it all off?

Why choose something harmful when you have better options? Probably some of the same reasons you avoid McDonalds. It is simply not good for you.

What makes you feel beautiful?

Having beautiful skin for one and a beautiful mani/pedi will always do the trick for me! Certain pieces of clothing work when I don’t feel beautiful, due to stress, lack of sleep etc. And having my hair done… whenever I am in LA, I visit my favorite hair guy, Correy Powell, to work his magic.

What's the most challenging thing about being a small business owner?

Finding the right people to work with and finding balance between work and private life. I am answering this during a big family vacation (half terms in Europe) while the little ones are napping. Putting the priorities right every single day is a challenge and not neglecting yourself (yoga anyone?) is the toughest part. I love the direct contact I have to lots of my customers and I have really come to appreciate working with women.

What passions do you have outside working on your line?

Family (my husband, and I have four boys), travel, reading—I’d love to say friends, yoga and jazz music, but currently it is basically all about the brand and the kids!

What has changed most in the green beauty industry since you started treat?

I am seeing that green is here to stay! And I think a few years back there wasn’t this awareness of green beauty being as important for your overall wellbeing as it is now. Organic food has almost become a staple, now it is time to go green with beauty as well!

If you could share one piece of advice for holistic living, what would it be?

Find a great doctor to see the whole picture! Find a sport you actually enjoy doing. Do oil slushing every single morning followed by hot water with lemon to get rid of toxin build up. Find some sort of relaxation (meditation, taking a hot bath in the evening or binge watching The Ladies of London) and try to be as caring with yourself as you would be with the people you love!

What do you do when you feel overwhelmed or burned out?

Writing lists! I need to put all that is going back and forth in my head to paper to feel better instantly!

When you think about working on your line, what gets you most excited?

New colors! I love colors. I could paint our flat in a new shade quite often. So imagine my excitement when one beauty editor called treat collection the “Farrow & Ball” of nail polishes! Made me so proud, because I love ALL of their colors… And new products! Working on our new organic hand and foot care line was so exciting, so exciting that it sparked the idea of something new!

Thanks so much for giving us insight into your world, Daniela! Now, EcoDivas, here's the deal for you: Throught the month of November (while supplies last), when you buy a color nail polish from treat, you'll get a second color free! Just add both colors to your cart and we'll do the magic at checkout. 

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