It's Behind the Beauty time again and this week, we're introducing you to Krysia Boinis, co-founder of Vapour Organic Beauty. She's been working in the cosmetics industry for 20 years, and her expertise in formulations and ingredients informs Vapour's high-performance line. The makeup (and skincare and perfume!) line is one of our favorites because it's more than makeup—it heals and treats skin even as you wear it. Read on to find out more about how the line came to be and to get in on our August BOGO!

Tell us how you started Vapour Organic Beauty. Why makeup?

We (co-founder Krysia Boinis and co-founder Kristine Keheley) had been working together in Taos, NM for more than a dozen years, designing and manufacturing award-winning natural and organic skin care for major brands. There were tons of great choices for clean skin care but a serious lack of great organic color cosmetics. There was nothing “natural” that either of us enjoyed using but continuing to use chemical-laden conventional brands became unacceptable. We stepped into our R&D lab and began creating color formulas that would meet our expectations for sophisticated textures, depth of color and luxury performance. We soon realized we were creating products that could replace the prestige brands that we had been using.

What do you hope Vapour inspires in its users?

I wish for her to discover that clean cosmetics can be every bit as pleasurable and effective as conventional ones. I wish for her to adore how she looks and feels in Vapour: the performance, the gorgeous shades, the delicious textures and sexy (and sustainable) packaging. No compromise is needed to get a gorgeous with Vapour. And I want her to be confident that she is choosing the real deal. We have done the heavy lifting of vetting for ingredient purity and authenticity. We are the experts in natural and organic formulation; we have been trail-blazing what’s possible in organic formulation industry for 20 years.

What's your favorite product from the line? Why?

My favorite products are Stratus Instant Skin Perfector worn with Atmosphere Foundation. The alchemy of these two products worn together is pure Vapour magic. They are designed to work together to give a flawless complexion and they deliver. Any desired look can be built from there with our vast assortment of more than 100 shades.

For example, Stratus 902 (stick) in combination with any of our Atmosphere foundations will virtually erase the look of roseacea or uneven red pigmentation. Vapour formulator and co-founder Kristine Keheley created 902 to erase the look of her own rosasea…and it works.

We have created versions of these two products for every skin tone and skin type. Stick formulas for dry skin and Soft Focus in pump bottle for combination skin. (Please refer to our Stratus and Foundation Finder charts for the best versions for you. You can find them under the "Details" tab on each foundation's page on Vapour's website).

Any secret uses of your products that we should know about?

One of my secret tricks is using Mesmerize Eyeliner in Truffle as a brow pencil. I stipple it on and pat in with the built in blending tool for completely undetectable brow enhancement.

What's the most challenging thing about being a small business owner?

I’d say the most challenging thing is the consistency of the challenge! Just when we overcome one obstacle another appears. It’s continuous and that can wear you out if you’re not vigilant about self-care and being aware of maintaining balance.

What trends do you see in green beauty?

Green beauty is becoming more and more mainstream! There is a lot of creativity in the field. What’s great is that natural products have evolved to the point where their performance equals or surpasses conventional performance. Healthier options are becoming an easy and obvious choice, and everyone wins.

If you could share one piece of advice for holistic living, what would it be?

My advice would be to be true and gentle with yourself. Holistic living is a process. We make decisions today based on available information and then learn something new tomorrow that propels us in a new direction. It’s an adventure and the joy is in the journey.

What’s been the most important beauty switch for you?

Moisturizing my skin with plant oils rather than creams. Plant oils are super compatible with skin and provide moisture and nutrients without any fillers. A typical cream is about 70 percent water; that’s water that does not penetrate to hydrate skin, so it is just filler. Plus, creams require aggressive preservatives and pure oils do not. Plant oils are also versatile. They can help normalize over-active oil glands and at the same time nourish and moisturize dry skin.

How can we be more conscious consumers to affect change in the beauty industry?

Choose products from brands with high levels of transparency and integrity. Make that easy by shopping at retailers who have already done that vetting for you…

What makes you feel beautiful?

I feel beautiful when my heart is open.

What do you do when you feel overwhelmed or burned out?

I find getting out in nature is always uplifting and refreshing. When I feel overwhelmed I know I can recalibrate and find my center on beautiful Taos Mountain with a hike in summer or downhill skiing in winter

Thanks for sharing, Krysia! And now for the deal: Buy any Vapour Organic Beauty Siren Lipstick and get a FREE lipstick in Possess, Intuition or Hint. Leave us a LOVE NOTE at checkout and we'll get you your free color!



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